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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Update

The birthday party at BounceU was awesome - the kids had a blast, and what a neat place - when you book a party there, the place is yours. You're not amongst a slew of other kids or other birthday parties, it's all about your enjoyment. There are some pictures in the slideshow on the right or at Flickr if you are so inclined to check them out.

Saturday afternoon we accomplished this:

There's one wall missing, but you get the idea. The TV was the only thing that got put back Saturday, LOL. After all that we went to the Santa Fe where I got my drink on; I had three of those new Heineken Lights and one Jack with a splash of diet coke. I was reminded that I can't keep up with the big dogs anymore, I used to be able to drink men under the table, and uh... I couldn't even drink a chihuahua under the table now. My liver was all "What exactly should I do with this, again?". If you're an American Idol watcher - I saw Bo Bice at the hotel last night. He performed there and was doing a meet and greet afterward, and he's pretty good looking in person. Maybe it was the cowboy hat. I dislike country music, but a guy in a cowboy hat? That's a different story. No, I didn't see his show last night, and no, I didn't stand in line to meet him, but he was one of my favorites on AI, I think that was the last season I did watch the show.

Today, we got this done:The doors you see above hold the laundry room. Those damn doors took me two hours to paint.

This is the end of he hallway...

This is the start of the hallway. You can see on the left where it looks like there's not enough paint or streaks in the paint - that's the lovely textured walls and the poor job the builders did. If you look closely the texture is heavier in some areas than others, and of course it makes the paint look differently in some areas. I must have rolled it five times thinking I was missing spots! It isn't as bad with the naked eye, but annoying nonetheless. I swear I will think twice about owning a home with textured walls ever again.

Tonight I'm sore, and a bit whiney about it... but I'm so glad this is done. Now there's only the master bedroom/bathroom and the playroom left to paint, and then we've got to go back and do the baseboards throughout the house.

How was your weekend?
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New White Keds said...

Get down with your badass self! It looks great. I know how much you have been wanting to do this, so congrats!

Now, on to more important items -- BO BICE! I Loved him. Ken and i went to see him las year when he was here. Not quite the concert we were expecting, so I am thinking you are better off with the expeience you had -- kinda like a Monet painting, pretty form a distance (just a walk-by) but a mess up close(The full blown concert).

In any case, glad you had such a productive weekend!

Teleolurian said...

Holy effort, Batman! This is what immigrant labor was invented for!

Angi said...

so what color is that, cause it looks white? I thought you were doing your living room in like a chocolate color? our whole house is chocolate - nat's room in pink & purple, then the baths in sand, and the kitchen and dining room (cause they have chair rails) are sand on top and chocolate on bottom. we would love to pain all the doors and baseboards white, but everthing here is wood and we just have too many damn windows and stuff (we have 31 windows, 25 doors and 3900 sq. feet of boards!) painting was bad enough!

LoraLoo said...

Amy: Yeah I remember you telling me that about the concert. I'm good with having missed the concert.

Teleolurian: Hell painting is the only thing I WILL do myself, LOL.

Angi: The chocolate color is on the opposite wall from the wall in the picture where the TV is. The dark color would have made the room too small and dark for my tastes. I'm pretty tired just reading the square footage you guys have to work with.