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Monday, July 07, 2008

Music Sites All About Music? Ya Don't Say!

I came across this page today, Listening Post's Top 10 Hottest Music Sites. Don't read the title as "Top Ten Digital Download Sites", cause you'll be disappointed. But music lovers like myself might find something awesome you hadn't seen before. So this is what I'll be browsing after my walk tonight, and probably for the next few days...there's a lot of good content here!

p.s. - My head is fine - no stitches necessary, just a nice big bump and a future scar on my forehead.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hey wait a minute...where's Layla's Classic Rock Faves???? It didn't make the list ;)

Thanks, this is cool info!

Fred said...

My daughters will love this site.

And Barbara, you're on our top ten!

Teleolurian said...

Reading more than emusic, iLike, and metacritic? That's... out of my comfort zone. The sun, it burns us.

Nik said...

Lora, you've just become my hero! Now, I've got stuff to keep me occupied in my hours of boredom at work. This site frickin rocks! Thanks for passin this along.