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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Can Already Hear the Monday Night Football Song in My Head

I'm starting to see all sorts of NFL advertising. YES! Football season is coming!!! Oh, and I know everyone who visits here is a Cowboys fan... right? I mean, why wouldn't you be? heh

Okay, now that you're formulating all the smack talk you'll be leaving in my comments about that last statement...

I'm so excited the new season is approaching. This is the last season for Texas Stadium, next year they'll be playing in their brand new stadium which can seat up to 100,000. If you want to check out their new digs, you can find it here. So I got a catalog in the mail and it included notice of a paver program, where you can buy a brick for the stadium and engrave it with whatever you want. I'm actually considering it. But hey, I've got a Dallas Cowboys star inked on my shoulder for all time; shouldn't I just get one for free? Sheesh. I've seen the Cowboys play, but never in Texas Stadium. I will, however, go see a game at the new stadium. It is my mission!!

Speaking of NFL advertising, I got an NFL schedule in the mail yesterday - which I totally appreciated, except for the half naked girl stretched out on the back side of the schedule. I mean hey, I can appreciate a pretty girl, sure. But uh... I'm not into girls. So why couldn't I have one with a really nice looking half naked guy on the back. Right ladies? WTF?! This goes right back to my post last year where I got a catalog that had the pink shirts. I do understand that men are the major market for sports and sports memorabilia. Really, I do. But hey... there's plenty of us that enjoy sports... football in particular!
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New White Keds said...

Aside from all the Farve drama, I am actually lookin forward to the start of the season. I always kinda like football, but have come to really enjoy it with Ken. The only down side is that it also means my FIL at our house every SUnday morning for the game, MIL in tow. Oh well, sometimes that is wht price you pay for admission.

The new stadium sounds wicked cool, and even though I am not a huge fan of your Boys, seeing a game in that stadium would be one heck of a memory to make.

I am now on a querst to find you girl appropriate/non pink Cowboys gear for the holidays!

Randy said...

Well I guess first and foremost, I HAVE to touch on the "cowboys" subject....Can we say BBAARRFFFF!!!

Now onto the half nakey girls. I guess we start by saying that, you are probably 1 of say....6 women in the world that get sports advertisement in the mail intentionally...you're a HYBRID. Unfortunately you're outnumbered and if we held a vote tomorrow...there will BE NO NAKED MEN on ANY sports advertising ever. So just let go of that dream and deal with the nakey women.

Did I mention how much the Cowboys SUCK?!?!?!

Nik said...

Football season can't come soon enough. I don't know why but Im kinda excited this season. U of M's renovating their already huge football stadium, so I share your "new" stadium excitement, just a different team.

Ya know, football is dominated by male fans, yes. But seriously, there is a huge female following that they choose to ignore or aren't aware of us. It's annoying.

Alissa said...

Football season makes me want to throw all our TV's out the window. Sorry! :)
Although, somehow I got roped into going to the Colts vs. Vikings with Wil (he's from Indy). Is it okay to bring a book and an Ipod to a game? lol