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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July!!

How's your weekend shaping up?

Mine started early. I was off work early yesterday... I had a most excellent afternoon full of chillin'! Didn't even care that I had things left undone. Last night we went to The Bullring, a 3/8 mile track out by the Nascar track here in Las Vegas. They had a night full of racing and a fireworks finale. My personal favorite part was watching Samuel Hubinette, a stunt car racer who also does drift competition for Mopar. He was a stunt racer in one of the Fast and the Furious movies, and I see why, he was pretty amazing. I'd sooooo love to learn to drift like that. Here's a little video I took. Mind you, when he's doing circles in the center of the track, there are two people standing there in the middle:

He was there to promote a drift competition they're having at the racetrack next weekend. You might notice a guy in the video wearing a huge die mask - he's the mascot for the racetrack, and his name is Pit Boss. Kind of clever, really - but wow whoever in there has to be damn hot. Madison just loved him, which cracked me up!

We missed the fireworks show because Madison got really tired, but she enjoyed herself while we were there. I'm really not much of a race fan but that short track stuff can be pretty cool.

Today we're hanging out at home, we're all hot and tired. But Madison and I made time to bake some cookies:
Yeah those are supposed to be stars, LOL. We made sugar cookies using Splenda. Honestly, they're not all that great, there is too much of something in them, I'm just not sure what. But it was fun, nonetheless. I never did claim to be Betty Crocker...

I'll do the What's on My iPod post tomorrow. :)


Angi said...

Well they may not taste good, but they sure look good - great presentation, very patriotic. Natalie & grandma made brownies today with RW&B sprinkles on top - as for me I didn't really participate much cause I have a horrible head cold and the conjestion is awful. but I am so thankful for the long weekend cause it meant no radiation! I still have 25 treatments left to go, it's not bad but I hate driving 40+ miles r/t just to do 5-10 minutes on the machine. Such a waste of gas, and the Durango sucks it!!! Happy 4th!!

Alissa said...

Happy 4th!

The cookies look good to me!

We took Alex to fireworks for the first time last night and he made it up until midnight! Unfortunately, he still woke up at 7 this morning!

Have a good rest of the weekend.