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Monday, June 02, 2008

What's In My Head

What's up with Jellies being back in style? Who exactly likes wearing plastic shoes that make your feet all hot and sweaty, anyway?

I wrote thank you notes today for the presents Madison got at her birthday party. Why is it whenever I need to write the word "at" I go to write "@"? I am such a geek. The good news is I've already got all the notes done.

I didn't eat dinner until after 9pm tonight... and I didn't walk tonight either. Since I didn't walk at all today I'm feeling very sloth-like!

Madison's sense of time is pretty interesting. Everything happened "last night", whether it was last week, last month or last year - or in fact last night. Ponder that for a moment... what if everything did in fact happen last night?

I'm showing up at Madison's daycare on her birthday (Wednesday) for a surprise party - I'm arriving with a cupcake cake and goodie bags. I can't wait, because she has no idea whatsoever.

I had to listen to whining at work today... user whining. A little venting: You're one of probably several hundred users, and the equipment list might be more than twice that (in my case, it's long past 500). I know you have lots of work to do (probably balancing your checkbook), but you called me because something is broken... so your whining only gets you to the bottom of my to-do list. Thanks, I feel better. :)


Beyond Pairadice said...

i wonder what's in my head?

Angi said...

At least you write thank you notes. I used to, but it seemed the parties we went to in turn never did. This year, when Nat turned 8, the girl next door actually re-gifted something her mother didn't want her to have (this little sand/art kit) and told us that. How's that for crappy! then the kid came over here wanting to use it when Natalie was, and took one home. Some people just amaze me and I wonder WHAT's in THEIR head!

oh hey, I need some pix of the Vegas sign (front & back) - if you ever happen to pass it and have a camera can u please? = )

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

End Users can be so annoying! I know the whole point of IT is to "service them" but they are usually so clueless about what really goes on behind the scenes.

Good for you for getting those notes out!

Nik said...

Wait, jellies are back in style, WTF? Maybe it's all based on the popularity of the equally smelly, hot Crocs.

Kudos on the thank you notes. I didn't realize people did that anymore. Very cool of you. I kinda like Madison's sense of time. Things wouldn't seem to have happened so long ago and ya wouldn't feel so old. I hope you'll post about the birthday surprise at daycare. That's gonna be too fun for you guys. And lastly, I love the criteria you base your to-do list on. This guy's a jerk, down to the bottom. Rock on!

Teleolurian said...

Users deserve to die. Mostly because, in fact, they did all initially dial you LAST NIGHT, and had to wait all day forever for you to answer the important question of why their password no longer works, even though they switched to typing it in ALL CAPS.

Sheena said...

lol about the @ I do that too. Carlee's time word is always yesterday. She did everything yesterday, so pretty much the same thing. It's too funny to watch her face when I try to explain when she actually did something. Have fun with the surprise birthday party! too cute. :)