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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parental Revenge

Parents do always get revenge in the end.

Madison had her second dentist appointment this morning, and despite all the prep work I'd done this morning to get her ready, she refused to get in the chair. She was totally and completely stressed out at the idea. She wouldn't even let the hygienist near her... so the poor girl convinced Madison to brush her own teeth with the tooth polish. In essence I paid my dental copay for Madison to brush her teeth. They wanted to take x-rays today, and it was so not happening. So I need to get her in to a children's dentist to see if I have better luck. Thankfully my dentist shares space with such a dentist who he referred me to, cause I tell ya... it's hard to find a good dentist in this town.

The parental revenge? When I was a little girl, I might get into the dental chair, but I refused to open my mouth. I was a stubborn one, I held out for what probably felt like forever. I think once we even left because I never did give in.


JoeinVegas said...

See - just like mommie said: "I hope you have a little girl just like you"

Ken said...

While I'm sorry Maddy was clearly freaked out at going to the dentist, I guess you can now wait until Madison has her own kids and they won't budge at the dentist...

Nik said...

Lotsa karma posts going around today.

Dentist visits are horrible, even if it's just a cleaning. There are so many awful sounding tools and it just looks scary in there. I can't blame anyone for hating them. I don't know how troublesome you were, but you better get ready, because it sounds like you have a lil clone there, Lora.

LoraLoo said...

Joe: LOL, isn't that the truth.

Ken: Yeah, at least I can have comfort in that I may get to point and laugh someday.

Nik: If she continues to be this mini-me she is, my future is bleak, LOL. Dentists can be scary, so many noises, instruments... and they wear those doctor coats. For Madison, doctor coats mean shots, so I couldn't be upset, cause I get it.

Teleolurian said...

When my boy doesn't open his mouth, I just pinch his nose. Victory!

CavityBusters said...

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