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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Giving in to My Shoe Addiction

I found a beautiful, beautiful place today... Zappos! I work near one of their locations and had been in the shopping center a bazillion times, each time thinking I really needed to get in there. I was avoiding it because, well, I'm a bit of a shoe whore. I cannot have enough shoes! I know women much worse than I, true, but I get absolutely giddy at the idea of shoe shopping. I rationalized a need for a new pair of work shoes and decided to brave it and head over there.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by a smiley face at the counter who said hello - but all I saw this gorgeous shining light glowing behind her like a clear-sky sunrise. Shoes! Rows and ROWS of shoes! I made a bee-line for my size and took about 45 minutes to just browse. There were so many to choose from. I kept saying in my head "Oooooooo look at those!" I know, I'm seriously a sick individual. LOL

I found three pairs I really loved but narrowed it down to just one. I actually just.bought.one.pair. I could have done much more fiscal damage but focused on the pair for work, which limits the possibilities tremendously, as I must have a closed-toe shoe. Trying to find a summer shoe with a closed-toe is not easy, let me tell ya.

I will definitely go there again, because there was so much to choose from. My only complaint was the lack in athletic wear - there were very few tennis shoes. Had there been more of a selection I probably would have bought a pair, as my walking shoes are on their last legs.


Fred said...

Timely post. Wait until you see a picture I post next time.

Living with women and shoes can be a challenge.

Vegas Princess said...

I like Zappos. My husband actually found a pair of shoes for work there after searching all over the valley for the perfect pair. Only thing is every single pair I seem to want is always full price. So I never really get the whole discount dot benefit. And I freak about not being able to return them.

Angi said...

What kind of shoes do you use for walking? I've tried the NB, Avia, Sketcher's, Nike, etc. and haven't really found a pair that I like or maybe I am getting the wrong size (I do range between a 9.5 to a 10.5) Lately I've been wearing these Ryka shoes I won for free on their site last year and I think it's time to retire them. I just don't know what to get as a replacement!

Cyndiblock Talk said...

Uhhh Lora!!!! I work at the corp offices in Green Valley. Hellloooooo!!!! Send me your email for a 20% off on the website.

New White Keds said...

My favorite shoes were a Zappos find -- deep red boot shoes. Sexy as all get out and so comfey! Noth bad for $20!

As far as running/walking shoes -- I have had the best luck with Rebock -- my feet are wide and have tons of issues -- I can wear their shoes with my orthodic inserts and they are super comfey. Cehck out the outlets for shoes -- they are always running specials and you can get a couple pair for the price of one.

Teleolurian said...

The girlfriend works there, sometimes, and hangs out with besotted freaks. It's like some sort of wonderland, for shoes. Apparently. I'm still wearing the same slip-on dress shoes I had when I graduated elementary.

BeckEye said...

These are the kinds of posts where, after reading, I have to check and make sure I still have a vagina. I just don't get the shoe thing.