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Monday, June 09, 2008

My Brain is Unavailable Right Now... So Leave a Message

My brain is a bit like marshmallow creme tonight, as I paid dearly for my time off last week... so tonight, I'll be burning CD's into iTunes while I finally get to watch the 2008 Mtv Movie Awards that was on over a week ago. That is, after I take a long walk to clear my head of any thoughts of network problems lingering about.

So what was your Monday like, and whatcha up to tonight?


Vegas Princess said...

Counting down the days until my parents arrive and I am off for vacation!

And isn't iTunes the greatest stress reliever.

New White Keds said...

Mondays are my crazy day -- laundry, shopping, picking up the house and general running around. This Monday, however, I did not get it all done and today is crazy too, so that means that Wednesday will be my Monday extension. Ahhh, Mondays, the gift that keeps coming back!

Nik said...

Well, it's Tuesday, but I can tell you that my Monday was just that, a Monday. Nothing interesting or boring, it just was.

So, how'd your iTunes and MTV movie awards go? Was the awards show worth watching?

Teleolurian said...

Wait. I can't remember my Monday. Just making myself a screwdriver... on Friday night.