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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday, as you know, I cleaned the whole house in about 7 hours (which is pretty quick if you knew how seriously I scour) - so I slept like a brick last night.

I'm pretty sure Madison had a sleep-walking like incident last night. At about 11:45 I heard "Mommy.... Mooooommmmmyyyyyy come here." So I walk in and she's sitting upright, eyes open, and says to me, "Look Mommy, I spelled my name!" I see on the bed that she has her animals and pillows arranged around her, but uhhhh... they didn't spell her name. I told her that it was great, she did a good job, but it's time to lay down - and she laid back down, closed her eyes and was completely asleep. She's done that a few times, and it's kind of freaky, but at least she doesn't actually sleep walk. She never actually makes it out of bed. Of course the next morning she never remembers, either.

Today was a busy but low-key day. We spent some time with family and Madison and I planted some seeds that we hope will be flowers soon. She asked me to take her picture with a teddy bear next to her flowers:


Vegas Princess said...

OMG! She is seriously the cutest thing ever! Look at that grin. :)

And I do the sleep-talk, walk, get-totally-ready-for-school in my sleep thing. Maybe you should talk to my mom about how to manage it. She did a good job with me. :)

JoeinVegas said...

Glad to see there is a new gardner starting. Hope her seeds come up.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I agree with Vegas Princess...I didn't think it was possible but she keeps getting CUTER all the time!

Teleolurian said...

I freakin LOVE insta-sleep. It makes me feel like the universe is seriously in order.

Nik said...

She's so frickin cute! I hope your flowers bloom. What kind are they?

I've heard of a lot of kids having incidents like Maddy's. My mom said I used to have full conversations, even though I was sound asleep. Kinda makes you wonder where she was though. Ad thankfully she stayed safely in her bed.

Sounds like you had a good weekend, except for the 7 hours or cleaning, yuck! Hope your Mother's Day was relaxing and enjoyable.

Fred said...

What a priceless picture. If you were a stage mother, there would be a future commercial waiting for Madison with that smile.

We're supposed to clean the house?