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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Girl's Nite!

Tonight was a girl's night out! Amy and I had made plans awhile back to go see a local Prince cover band play with the girls, but were pretty much playing the night by ear because we weren't sure who was going with us. In the end it was just Amy and I, but no biggie, we were still going to enjoy it. I'd had a pretty long day today and was seriously tired, but was still looking forward to my night out... the time out with the girls does way more for me than any therapist could, LOL. So Amy picks me up and senses immediately I'm a little off, so we agreed to hit a little tavern near her house to have a couple of drinks and just talk. We sat and talked over her diet coke and my diet coke with the good stuff (Jack) and totally just enjoyed some good conversation, and in the end - it's exactly what the doctor ordered. We'll get that chance to go out and get our groove on, for sure, but it was awesome to just be out with a good friend and have some laughs.

I realized tonight that I hadn't been in a bar or tavern and actually sat at the bar since... uh... I can't even remember. It wasn't some singles bar or anything of the sort, it was a place that was very nice and has a family friendly restaurant - but it still felt - weird, if that makes any sense. We had a good laugh about that as we left, and I have to admit I'm really glad I'm past that age where I spent a lot of time with friends at a local watering hole.

So I was home before midnight, and I think I'll be taking my old ass to bed. :)


New White Keds said...

EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. I'll go to any watering hole of any kind with you any time. Thanks for a great evening with a great friend!

And I still think the bartender would have loved to flirt with you some more!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

AHA! The bartender was flirting with you? No surprise there.

I agree with what you said about how sometimes hanging with a friend is the BEST therapy at all. I'm glad your night turned out just like it did.

(I know that weird feeling of being at a bar and thinking to myself "Dude, you used to do this all the time...glad those days are over...")

Ken said...

I'm glad you two had fun. Glad it was a fun girl's night out.

Vegas Princess said...

It sounds like the perfect night. I have not had one of those in a very long time.

Alissa said...

Hey Lora-I've enjoyed reading your blog-it's so fun to see what you guys are up to! Alex still asks about you guys and says he misses Madison. I also have a blog if you care to check it out!


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