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Sunday, May 25, 2008

BBQ Fun!

Today we went to a BBQ at Ken and Amy's house, and had an awesome time. The funny part? I was freezing. It's May 25, and it was cloudy and barely 70 degrees today, in Las Vegas! I should be thankful, seriously - because I know the heat that is coming, but uh... yeah... I'm the desert rat who can really do without the cold (which for me is pretty much anything under a sunny 75 degree day). So there was no swimming in their fantastic pool today, and I know Madison was pretty sad about that. Despite the lack of swimming, there was fun had by all, and there were other kids there that Madison really enjoyed playing with. There was lots of good food, bubbles (the magic ingredient to any child's happiness) and blocks to play with. I took a camera and forgot all about it, which I'm wishing I'd remembered!

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