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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Drug Induced Shopping... Yay!

I am actually going to be working tonight (after my walk, of course). We're starting the budget approval process for a few years from now, so equipment replacement is in the plans. It was actually in the current budget plans, but seeing as that's definitely not happening, the equipment will be so covered in bandaids in two/three years' time that we won't quite be able to read the model numbers anymore! I should have had it done in the office today - but people keep calling the helpdesk with problems and then my gov't issued cell phone starts making all these noises... which means I have to actually, like, help them. Go figure!

The funny part is that I took Ken's advice and bought some Zyrtec today. Thanks, Ken... cause actually, it helped! The downside is that I'm a bit loopy. More loopy than normal. I forget I'm a bit drug sensitive, heh. So tomorrow when I look at my file server choices, again, I might get a few giggles.


Ken said...

Glad to hear the Zyrtec worked. I typically take it at night, because it can make people a little drowsy, but not much.

Good luck on the budget planning. Our state is just messed up.

Nik said...

Hooray for fun drugs! I'm glad the Zyrtec helped you feel better and probably made things a bit more interesting. The work stuff you'll be doing sounds pretty brutal. I giggled imaging a bunch of computer equipment seriously covered in bandaids. Here's wishing you a feel better, not too stressful day.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I hope you feel better! Just don't Zyrtec and drive :)

Teleolurian said...

Drugs are fantastic and every single one of you should be doing more.

This is a public service announcement.