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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's in My Head

Jury duty was a bust today... but I have to go back on Friday and start the process all over again. We already know what the case is about, and all I can say is - not good. I can't watch any news, read any news, blah blah blah. That won't be a stretch, the news pretty much repulses me anymore.

I started watching Ever After tonight on the treadmill, and I'd really forgotten how much I adore that movie. I'm a huge Drew Barrymore fan, she's a true free spirit and an incredible actress (not to mention one helluva business woman). I'm pondering if Angelica Houston has ever played a character who wasn't a beeeyotch? LOL

Madison has been participating in a phonics class in preschool, and the teacher told me today she's way ahead of her peers, and she's very adept with a pencil. That sounds so funny, doesn't it? But we forget these things are learned.

I finally finished rebuilding the laptop. Device manager shows I have three devices it doesn't understand, listed as "Base System Device". Sigh. That's helpful. Guess I'll figure it out when I go to do something and it doesn't work, as I don't really have the motivation to go looking for what's missing anymore. I'm never as excited to work on my network/computers at home anymore...

Today pretty much wore me out. I hope I don't have too big a to-do list tomorrow...


Ken said...

I've never actually seen that movie all the way through, but it's one of Ked's favorites.

I knoew Madison was somewhat precocious, now you have proof!

Teleolurian said...

Can't you get off jury duty if you, say, regularly read the defendant's blog? I mean, that's potentially incriminating evidence.

Double ding, Ever After FTW!

Nik said...

I love blog posts that contain the word beeyotch!

I've never seen Ever After, but I too adore Drew, so I'll have to check it out.

It's great to hear Madison is doing so well in school. Keep up the good work.

Sorry about jury duty being crappy. I was hoping it'd be somewhat interesting, at least.

Here's hoping you got some rest and that the rest of the weeks is easy and breezy for ya.