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Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Update

What a busy, busy weekend it's been... and looking around my house, it's evident I haven't been here much to clean up, LOL.

On Sunday, Maddy and I went with Toni, Breana and Jaydon to a Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown. It definitely wasn't what we expected, I'd envisioned there would be much more for the kids to see to learn about Asian culture. When we were there, it was pretty much just food and vendors, which means b-o-r-e-d-o-m for the kids. So we left there, had lunch, and spent some time at the park instead.

We put Madison's new bed up yesterday, and it's way too tall for her. The bed frame plus a pillow-top mattress equals danger... even though we put up some bed guards to prevent her from rolling out, she needs a step stool just to get in and out of bed. So she slept in it last night, but tonight we'll be taking the nice oak frame/headboard and footboard apart and putting up a simple bedframe which is much closer to the ground until she gets a little taller.

Today we went over to my Dad's house and visited with the family, and Madison met her new cousin, Benjamin. The little guy was born on Valentine's Day... so he's going to have it interesting, eh? He's just cute as a button, and I can't believe they all start out that small. I was holding him and looked over at Madison who weighs 34 pounds now, and pondered how fast they grow!

We've just painted our toenails, and we're about to play some Carnival games on the Wii. I guess at some point today I should do some straightening around the house, but I'm just so okay with ignoring it just a little bit longer!

Hope you had a fabulous, loooooong weekend!


Vegas Princess said...

Sounds like you had a really fun weekend! We had footage of the Chinese New Year festival and it looked a but mundane just from the video. I was expecting a lot more too.

We got the Carnival games and man they are hard! We can't seem to master any to get enough points/tickets to open anything else. Have to keep at it I guess.

Nik said...

Oh, just enjoy the day and forget straightening the house. Holidays were meant for relaxing, vegging out, and fun. Poor shleps like me who have to be at work today would kill to be at home in the filth. hehehe

Anyways, sounds like it was a great weekend, minus the New Year celebration. Did they have the traditional dances or anything?

Congrats on the new nephew and enjoy the rest of your day.

Ken said...

Glad you had a great weekend. Sorry you need to redo the bed, but she'll like her big-girl bed for right now. Too bad the Chinese New Year thing was lame, though.

LoraLoo said...

VP: Yeah, the Carnival games are really hard to actually master and get the other games open. Madison finds it so easy since there isn't a lot of remote mastery to just play.

Nik: We didn't see any of the traditional dances. I was hoping for the big dragons 'n such, but nothing. I felt bad because they'd advertised it and can't even imagine where they would have been considering the small size of the place they had fenced off.

Ken: Yeah, the bed thing is a disappointment. But I'm looking forward to her sleeping through the night - she was waking up before since she'd grown out of the toddler bed. Last night she slept the whole night without waking up once, that was niiiiiice.

Teleolurian said...

Doh. I was sick, epic fail.

For some reason, events here in Vegas tend not to be very fun unless they've got some casino backing. I think it's a conspiracy on the part of the casino corporations for a monopoly on fun.

JoeinVegas said...

At least you are taking her to different places. Sorry about the bed.