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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They Re-Wired Me Wrong

I have come to the realization over the last few days that I am strangely stress-free in some areas of my life that used to be rather large stress buttons. I'll give you an example - house cleaning. Okay, now... those of you who know me, stop rolling your eyes. I realize that my idea of a dirty house isn't so... normal. I'm an admitted clean freak. But every three weeks I do a major scouring of the house, and supplement that with maintenance cleaning in between. That major cleaning was supposed to happen last weekend, and I wasn't here to do it. I'm so booked over the next two weeks that maintenance cleaning is going to have to suffice (okay, maybe a slightly extensive maintenance cleaning). Usually, just the idea would give me a twitch until I got to it. I might even take a day off work to handle it. But, oddly enough, I'm okay?

Maybe I'm a little apathetic, even defeated. Perhaps it's my lack of sleep. Or could I be realizing that 100 years from now this really isn't going to matter? Oh - I've got it. I was abducted by aliens. The tests they ran must have messed with my wiring.


The Summit Blogger said...

It's funny you should use the phrase, "100 years from now..." because I say that very, same thing on more than one occasion. It's also why I've chosen a new path in life, because it's not worth getting twisted in knots anymore.

Perhaps this is that whole 'wisdom' thing they say comes with age.


Teleolurian said...

This is all funny now, but wait until you realize you can hear cactus talking.

ScrapAddictNV said...

I dunno, but if you're so clean crazy, I beg of you to come here. I can't handle almost 4000sq feet. I mopped the floors yesterday (downstairs) and swept off the stairs the best I could and that alone KILLED my back, in fact my hips are like bruised to the touch. Natalie's toom alone would kill you. I'm thinking I need a maid, but I fear of what it would cost, or that they would run out screaming.
I need my mother in law, she cleans every sunday with no problems, she even manages to wash and fold all the laundry - I can't even come close to that!
So my house is messy and it bugs me!

Barbara said...

Thank goodness! Now I know what happened to me about 10 years ago!

I used to be mega-clean/neat freak (I took days off work to clean too or else I'd sit at work and be distracted and uptight all day!) Then when I hit about 35, I switched to being "okay skipping a week of scouring the bathroom floor".

I always thought it was an age thing but now I know it was an alien abduction! Makes much more sense. Thank God!

Nik said...

Hmmmm, you've got some pretty interesting theories here, Lora! Hopefully, there are no satellites popping out your backside! hehehe

Somtimes it's just nice to let go of things and relax.