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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Playground Drama

Madison had an altercation on the playground this afternoon, much to my dismay. Apparently she and another little boy hit each other with rocks. I don't know what happened to the little boy, but she has a nice little bruise on her face. The daycare center apologized as there shouldn't have been any rocks on the playground, and they assured me they removed the rocks and scoured the playground for any other rocks that shouldn't be there. They also expressed that this is really unusual behavior for Madison and I agree, and share their concern. I've never seen Madison strike another child or show aggression like that, but I can imagine she might lash out if threatened or struck first. No one saw who did what, and each child blamed the other for the first offense. I'm not concerned with who did what first... these two are usually great playmates and I think today was a huge (albeit serious) misunderstanding between them. But I had to have the conversations I hadn't anticipated for some time yet: What to do if someone hurts you, and we never hurt our friends on purpose.


Ken said...

That's crazy. So not like Madison. Who knows what happened, but yeah. I can bet you didn't want to have these conversations just yet.

Barbara said...

It doesn't sound like her at all, which is a good thing, its most likely an isolated incident, which of course doesn't minimize it. Good luck with your talking to her. The fun of parenting :) You're doing a GREAT job. Keep following your instincts.