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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Family Fun?

Now that Maddy is nearing 4 years old, Karl and I agree it's time to expose her to more experiences. That could be sports, hobbies, weekend getaways, vacations, etc. We've kept her very active so far, true...but she's getting to an age where developing interests and things to focus on can be a key to her future. Nooo, I don't mean make her a tennis star and living off her proceeds (although not a bad idea, heh); I'm talking more about keeping her from in front of the television and expanding her mind.

Karl and I had completely different childhoods and things we remember fondly about growing up are not even in the same ballpark. So... we are struggling with compromises in regards to things like weekend events, family getaways and vacations, as well as regular activities Madison might enjoy.

When I was a kid, some of my fondest memories are road trips, day trips to national parks, monuments, camping and fishing, and visiting family. Karl's family has motor oil in their veins, so everything focused on anything with four wheels and a gas engine. I was active in the Girl Scouts (Yeah, seriously - heh), and Karl tried different sports but didn't really enjoy it.

So, my fellow bloggers - tell me. What are some of the things you did as a family when you were a kid? Any fond memories of family vacations? Did you have a regular activity that you enjoyed most - i.e., dancing, soccer, camping, hiking?


New White Keds said...

I think that one of the best things my mom did as a Mom was to make sure that I had varied interestes and experiences. Summers were spent taking classes at the community college, field trips and other cool events -- swimming, go carts, museums... I played softball from the time I was in the 2nd grade (Mom lied about my age, cause you were supposed to be in at least 3rd grade) until the 7th grade, I bowled in leagues from the 3rd grade until my junior year of high school. Mom took us on killer day trips -- cherry picking in the ordchards, swimming in panties in the lake on spur of the moment, drives to Solvang or the beach or, or, or... I bled Dodger blue during their hey day -- I loved me some Steve Garvey! Mom made sure that I missed out on nothing. She was a single mom and managed to expose me to everything from girlscouts to little league; from the theater to tidepooling and jade hunting off the central CA coast. I could apparently go on and on, but my suggestion is to do it ALL... let her experience everything there is to experience and she will help you narrow it down as she gets older. Just a thought.

JoeInVegas said...

I wasn't into sports, did not go for much of that activity. The only thing I remember are summer Saturday trips out to a local lake. Folks would BBQ and we would get to swim and run around in the woods.
Not much interaction at home that I could suggest. But I think days out - to the Preserve, a museum, concert, park or just the mall with mom might be nice. Maybe dinner once a week with the folks at a sit down restaurant (yes, Applebees or Red Robin would be fine)

Teleolurian said...

Or that awkward moment in the woods with Jimmy, which you both swore solemnly not to tell anyone about, ever, only to find out that not only did he end up telling somebody, but that he changed the story and all of a sudden everyone called you Stumpy for the rest of the year.

I hate Jimmy.

Nik said...

Just my opinion, but expose her to everything you possibly can (whether you like it or not) and see what she likes/dislikes. Ya never know, you might find things you like that ya never knew. There are things that my parents weren't interested in, that I would have loved to do, just never got the opportunity to do. So anything's fair game. Don't limit yourself at all.

I definately loved road trips to anywhere, still do. I have great memories camping and spending time with relatives who didn't live very close to us. Amusement parks were definately a hit with me and my sisters. I always liked museums of any kind. Of course, sports/outdoor games of any kind were always high on my list.

Ken said...

My parents didn't really do a lot with us. Sure there were the occasional vacations and day trips, Dad took us to baseball games, but that's about it.

I'd say take Madison on day trips and try and expose to as much as possible. From there, she'll let you know what she likes and doesn't like.

Teri said...

I had an pretty good childhood, full of great memories of family vacations. Every year, my parents would take us on a two week trip in a motorhome to Canada. We would drive up the coast and spend a couple of weeks of family bonding time. As an adult I really look back to that time with fond memories.

Vegas Princess said...

My brother and I got to try tons of different things growing up. Some I wish I had kept at more than others. Also, we always took a two week family vacation in the summer. We would travel somewhere on the East Coast and do something fun/educational, like Gettysburg or Williamsburg, VA. And then go to an amusement park before heading to Ohio to visit my grandparents. SOme of my fondest memories come from those road trips with my family. I think they conditioned me to be able to take long car trips with no problems.