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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Update

The Disney on Ice show yesterday was awesome. We had incredible seats, so we were up close to the characters. There was this really creepy mother/son (at least I think that was the case) directly behind us...they were uncomfortably close for their ages (He must have been at least mid 30's). When we sat down I kept smelling what I thought was a soiled diaper, and it was really strong but there were no babies around us. At intermission they got up and the smell disappeared, and reappeared when they returned. Ewwwwwww. Despite that, we enjoyed ourselves and the skaters were all so talented - I was amazed when they did Sleeping Beauty's story, there were several characters playing Malificent when she becomes the evil dragon. It was much like those Chinese parade dragons being manned by many, all the coordination it must take! It even spit fire all over the ice.

I watched the Patriots beat San Diego this afternoon. How lovely, the Patriots are going to another Super Bowl. I guess I will still watch, but only for the commercials and half-time. I only hope the Packers beat the Giants this afternoon. Pleeeeaase! The Giants must go down in flames!

Today has been a pretty beautiful day. Finally I got my car washed and Madison and I spent some time at the park. She's mastered climbing up steep hills (and without falling). So she's near ready for some good hikes!

Madison got a makeup kit for Christmas, much to my horror... and when I realized she would have noticed if it just "disappeared", I decided to make it a dress-up time accessory, only. So she put makeup on her own face as well as my face, but the photos don't do justice to the true artistry that a 3-year-old can do with makeup:

Cha, right, like I was going to show you what she did to my face. But I'll give you an image... Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. heh!

I'm off tomorrow for the holiday, and I'm going to take half the day for myself. I'm getting a manicure/pedicure in the morning and I'm going to do some shopping, run some errands, etc.

I finished Very Bad Things last night, and Angi, you were right... the end absolutely blew my mind. Just when I thought I couldn't be shocked anymore... kablooey! Right between the eyes. I am scarred for life.

What were you up to this weekend?


Ken said...

My weekend was pretty cool. The Caucus and After-Party took up most of Saturday. Today was pretty laid back - we went out for breakfast at the Egg and I for yummy pancakes and then home to watch the championship games.

I hope the Pats lose in the Super Bowl. A wide-right field goal at the end would be classic if they face the Giants

New White Keds said...

The weekend was interesting. The caucus was a first for me, and something I enjoyed, believe it or not. Then Ken went to meet with the Edwards folks and I had the house to myself. It is such a rarity, I really enjoyed it.

I seem to have cooked a lot this weekend. MIL had oral surgery, so I wanted to supply her with yummy food that would not hurt her mouth. As a result I have mass quantities of broccoli soup, egg salad and chicken soup -- oh! and applesauce. Anyone want some, there is plenty to share!

Went to the ice show on Friday night with Jenn and Paris -- so much fun! Wish we could have all done it together. Maybe the next time the princesses stop by, who knows?

Now that we know who is going ot the bowl, all I can do is PRAY for a Patriots loss. I find most pats fans are kind of obnoxious about it and in your face. Would not hurt to take some of them down a peg or two -- my ex boss is first on my list :-)

Teleolurian said...

I got bored and tried to insufflate my meds. Stupid, stupid idea. It was like I was trying to sneeze my organs out in alphabetical order. If I had to give the experience a grade, it would probably be a B-.

After your post, I cannot wait for my daughter to discover makeup.

Nik said...

Glad you had a great time at the ice show, minus stinky diaper man. The show sounds like it was so much fun. Too bad I'm surrounded by little boys. I wouldn't mind seeing this show.

I haven't paid too much attention to football this year, but I was hoping the Packers would beat the Giants too (sucks that they didn't). I've noticed that there's a huge amount of hatred/disgust towards the Patriots this season. Too funny! I honestly don't know of anyone who is rooting for the Pats.

You totally should have posted your Mimi pic. That would have been hilarious. It doesn't look like she did a bad job on herself.

After your review of "Very Bad Things", I'm not so sure I want to watch this. I'd never heard of it and was going to watch it, but not too sure anymore.