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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend Update

I can pretty much sum up my Saturday in one word: cleaning. It was the usual mass scouring that I do, but this time, I got some extra things done. I cleaned out Madison's closet, my desk (this was quite the undertaking), and Madison's playroom. I have two tubs full of things to take for donation tomorrow from the playroom alone! It is amazing how much crap one family (read as: me) can collect in no time.

I've figured out why I am apt to just get rid of things. It's my way of organization. I'm a minimalist already, and being a clean freak I fully admit to. But my organization is so bad, that areas begin to look cluttered - so I just get rid of 75% of it to reorganize. If you come to my house, you probably won't even notice my clutter... I tend to shove it all into a desk, a closet, a kitchen drawer.

Today I discovered the Disney Outlet store out at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. All kinds of Disney shopping goodness!! Tonight I have episodes of Medium that I've had in the DVR beginning around March 2007 to play catch-up with. The show starts new episodes this week and it's one I'd actually like to continue watching. Besides, it's probably the only thing new on prime time TV for at least the next month!


Vegas Princess said...

I felt the urge to purge too. When I get it in my system I usually end up sitting in a pile of junk ready to be thrown out/donated and I always feel so much better afterwards.

I can't wait for Medium to start again. Last season was SO good!

JoeInVegas said...

Oh no, a Disney household? OK, goes along with the kids, sorry, but yes, MM is still one of my favs. (the old hand drawn MM, not the new computer one)

Nik said...

Yea on the cleaning/purging, I think :). I hope you got some kind of rest in over the weekend too.
I like your way of de-cluttering though. My problem is that I have a tendency to hang on to stuff that I really don't need, but I convince myself that I need it.
I wonder if that Disney outlet has a website. I have a goddaughter who is obsessed w/ the princesses.
Hope your week is going great!