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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Blame the Bad Lighting for my Thighs...heh

Question: Why do department store dressing rooms have the least flattering light on the planet? Obviously it doesn't discourage us in general from buying clothes, but don't you think we'd spend more money if we're more comfortable with how we look in the mirror?

I went to Kohl's this evening on a whim, as I wanted a new outfit for a celebration on Saturday. :) I tried on more clothes than I really cared to, and kept frowning at myself with all that bad lighting. I didn't leave empty handed, although I didn't find what I'd originally seen in my head... the ironic part is that I stopped at the ladies room before I left, and it had this really soft, flattering lighting. Go figure.

I was disappointed to find so many of those long, poofy baby-doll type shirts all over the store. I'm much more of a classic girl, and those shirts look like maternity wear if you ask me.

Maybe it's just me... but who wants to look 4 months pregnant, anyway?


New White Keds said...

That is why you are supposed to go shopping with a friend that will help you find something that is not babydoll nor teeny-bopper. Cannot wait to see what you eneded up with, though. Yay celebrations!

ScrapAddictNV said...

Uh, those shirts have nothing to do at all with a pregnant look, it's so fat chicks like myself can hide the muffin top!

Vegas Princess said...

Ugh, I hate those shirts. They make me look even more fat.

Barbara said...

I AGREE - and pregnant women wouldn't wear those, they wear skin tight shirts these days.

Silly silly silly

LoraLoo said...

Amy: I realized I wasn't going to get another minute to go... so I just rolled with it. I'm wayyyy too soccer mom for the teeny-bopper stuff, heh!

Angi: Those shirts just make me look even more fat.

VP: See above, LOL.

Barbara: So true, they do!! Too funny.

An80sNut said...

You mean, you are allowed to try on the clothes at the store? B) I figure the lighting is better in the bathroom to disuade people deciding to steal clothes by putting them on under their own clothes. And yes, those weird shirts scream pregnant, not chic.

Teleolurian said...

Thank goodness, I thought it was a gender thing that I just didn't get. I hate, hate those shirts.