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Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Times - DO they change?

I was perusing sites listed on Yahoo! Picks this morning and came across this site: The Times they aren't a changing. The opening sentence in the Yahoo! Picks blurb reads "Ever since The New York Times opened its archives to one and all, journalist Jeremy Olshan has jubilantly mined its riches 'to prove that everything news is old.' "

I found it interesting only because this is something I ponder all the time. How many times have you heard "Society just isn't what it used to be" or "Can't trust anyone anymore, with all the pedophiles and murderers". Has society gone completely awry? Perhaps some evolution has been quite poor for our species. But there have always been those who Darwinism didn't wipe out fast enough. Has there been a rise in crime? Oh, surely. But there's also been a change in population, and the mediums have simply changed. People have been committing rape, robbery and murder since the dawn of time, it's just that there are more victims and an easier way to find them. So, while the above site really doesn't prove anything, it made me feel like I'm not the only one who ponders it. I found it an interesting read... especially the archived articles!


New White Keds said...

Great observation, Loo! We, many people and myself, have discussed the fact that there are so many changes to our society and the people it is producing. A lot of it is generational, but it seems that is all kind of replays itself time after time. The only difference is that with each passing year the bad seems to build upon itself. But, the fact that we can see it all as it happens via the all news stations, internet, etc, simply makes it all that much more accessible and topical if nothing else. I am hoping we can sit and ponder together one day soon.

Teleolurian said...

It's said that Plato (IIRC) expressed his disdain for leaving the world in the hands of the future generation. Compared to the rampant problems which began the downfall of Rome, our modern civilization hasn't even begun to scratch the surface of depravity.

Nik said...

Pretty interesting stuff there Lora. I've caught myself commenting on the decline of society just in my lifetime a few times. Almost immediately after I made my comments, I thought back to the world that my parents/grandparents grew up in and they had their own issues and problems to face, so I felt like a moron for making my comment

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Strangely, they'll be asking that exact question 50 years from now also, thinking back to the times (now) when things were "normal"!

Hahaha! Oh well.