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Friday, November 02, 2007

What's On My iPod

Hope you're all starting your weekend off just right...

Relient K - "The Best Thing" - I recently purchased this album (Five Score and Seven Years Ago) and I was not disappointed. There isn't a single bad song, IMHO. This happens to be my favorite track.

Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc." - This song really grew on me, and I have this album too, but as a whole I wasn't all that impressed.

Matchbox Twenty - "How Far We've Come" - I'm impressed with this song, has anyone heard the rest of this album? I have the first two from Matchbox Twenty but really only loved their first.

New Radicals - "Someday We'll Know" - According to Wikipedia, this band disbanded before this single was ever officially released. It's too bad, I always loved this song and wondered why we never heard from them again...

Queen w/ David Bowie - "Under Pressure" - Classic Queen song. I watched "Grosse Pointe Blank" earlier this week, and this song is on the soundtrack.


An80sNut said...

Always thought the New Radicals were impressive. Planned on buying their album but always delayed. Great songwriting (on all the songs I've ever heard from them.) Never watched the video for this one. Since the break-up mainman Gregg Alexander has been a highly respected producer working a lot with Ronan Keating. I really should look for Alexander's earlier solo work. Yes, he's actually an 80's solo artist.

Relient K is pretty interesting. Like the feel and arrangement. I do keep hearing Blink 182 in the vocals. Dunno why.

I think I just like the Gorillaz production more than anything. The singles on the album are pretty strong and addictive but haven't been as amused with their first album.

Always enjoyed certain Matchbox Twenty songs but for some reason I haven't allowed myself to buy anything from them. Someday, maybe the singles collection.

The layers creating Under Pressure amaze me. Good stuff. Great vocals, tension and emotion pouring out in the song.

Vegas Princess said...

You may like the version of "Under Pressure" from the We Will Rock You Musical. It is a cool rendition.