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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Movies and Movement

I started watching movies while walking on the treadmill. If it's a good movie, 45 minutes goes by in the blink of an eye. Of course movies are longer than 45 minutes, so it can take two or three days to finish one movie. I'd started a movie I'd never seen before tonight, "Must Love Dogs". It was really hard to stop watching it, and now I have to wait until tomorrow night to watch more!


Ken said...

Yeah. I hate cardio without some form of entertainment. Even listening to music helps tremendously. My old gym used to have individual jacks on the cardio equipment so you could watch TV, but the one we go to know uses FM transmitters, which doesn't work quite as well.

Teri said...

That happens when I read to my students after lunch. I usually read one chapter a day, so it can take weeks to finish a book. Right now we are at the end of a the first Charlie Bone book (which I have never read before) it is really good, and I had to stop myself from taking the book home this weekend to finish it before my students.

Anonymous said...

"MUST LOVE DOGS"... good movie. I love DIANE LANE !

An80sNut said...

My living room isn't really conducive for working out while watching but the new house... definitely will. I plan to put one of our Tivo's in a workout/guest room. (The other in the bedroom and the DVR in the living room.)

I figure that a good hour-long episode is near 45 minutes minus commercials and that's a good workout. It's just keeping the remote nearby somewhere when on the rebounder or Gazelle.