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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's In My Head

The new phone kicks ass. I decided on the Palm Treo 700wx; it's running the Windows Mobile OS and I preferred that over the Crackberry or the Palm OS. There is so much personalization to be done, so little time... it'll probably take me a week to tweak it just right, but the geek in me is enjoying every minute. Here's a picture:

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I'm starting to understand the attraction to text messaging.

A few of us are taking a road trip to Caliente tomorrow for work. Road trips that long when you're with others can be seriously fun, and I'm expecting this trip to be the case. Being away from the office is definitely a huge bonus!

We have foam letters in the bathtub that Madison plays with, and we talk about the letters and the sounds they make, etc. She's knows all her letters, but hadn't been associating them with words. Tonight she picks up an 'F' and tells me that "fish" starts with F. Hmmm. So I pick up a 'D' and she tells me that "dog" starts with D. This goes on for about 6 letters! I could go on how I think she is nothing short of genius, but I'm sure there are plenty of 3-year-olds that can do this. But my baby is growing up so fast!

I need a bigger hard drive for my laptop... my 100GB drive has about 8GB left. Sure, I could move things to CD and put a backup copy on the NAS drive. But why? :)


Ken said...

Sweet new phone. I'm eligible for an upgrade in March. Depending on other factors, I may go with a smartphone. The idea of using Windows Mobile is more interesting because it would be a consistent interface.

Wow! Learning to associate words with letter. She's getting so big!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Sounds like Maddie is starting to text at her age too! Using bathtub letters.

Molie said...

Huzzah for shiny new things to play with and tweak.

G is for geek! ;)

Nik said...

Okay, I gotta say your new phone scares me. I'd be afraid to use it without wrecking it. When it comes to technology, I'm clueless.
Your phone actually looks pretty sweet. Have fun messing with it.
That's so very cool that Madison is starting to associate letters to words. I would think that's not an easy thing for kids her age to figure out.
Enjoy your road trip and have a rockin weekend.

LoraLoo said...

Ken: A consistent interface with the Windows mobile is pretty much where I was with it, too.

Jas: LOL, I'll need prozac when she gets to the age where she wants a cell phone.

Molie: G is definitely for Geek!

Nik: The phone isn't as scary as it looks. There really isn't a whole lot you can screw up. Seriously! I wish you a rockin' weekend too. :)