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Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Heart This Time of Year

There are so many reasons to love Fall and its approach... but it's got a lot do with the NFL. To know me is to know I love football and everything it represents!

My Cowboys had a really good game tonight (and well duh... they won, 45-35). I know the Giants' defense had some injuries, but I think they were a good matchup - with the combined score of 80, you know there was some serious action. Oddly enough about half of Dallas' scoring occured while I was out of the room, and wtf, because I did pretty much watch the whole game. Romo had a good game, and T.O. earned some of his $$, without getting injured in the process. Heh!

I still walked tonight but pretty late since the game ended at 8:45ish. Another thing beautiful about this time of year - the temperature. That's all relative, really - because beautiful in my eyes is that it's under 95 at 8:30 p.m. Soon enough it will be in the 70's at night, and those whole three or so weeks will be perfect!

I worked way too much this weekend, but got another project finished. I'm wiped and recording the Mtv VMA's to watch another day this week. Hope you all had a really fantastic weekend!


Vegas Princess said...

All I know about football is the Patriots are playing on Sunday night next week and this is the one game I will probably watch since I will not be doing a show due to the football game.

I am heading home to watch the VMAs myself...

An80sNut said...

Loving the football season, even if I'm not happy with an outcome or two. Some really good games though. Ken needs to test out the Red Zone channel. (cough) B)