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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mommy and Maddy Saturday

Madison started dance class this morning, and it went really well. Not! If it's any indication, here's what happened when I tried to take a picture before we left:
She did finally go out into the dance studio halfway through class but only danced for a few minutes. She got really shy - but the teacher is pretty fabulous, so we'll keep trying. This class teaches tap and ballet in a one-hour session. It's the basics in a really fun format. I hope she gets into it. But, if she doesn't...she doesn't.

We've been very busy most of the day, but this afternoon we finally got some down time and Madison did one of her favorite things, play with her playdoh.
I've been on a movie catch-up kick, and I think tonight's feature film is going to be 300. Coworker S. noted I'll enjoy the plot AND the fact that there's a whole lotta half-naked men. Heh!


An80sNut said...

300 is still on my viewing list. Was supposed to see it with Lloyd but got sidetracked. As for dancing, it's good that you are giving her the time to make up her own mind whether to continue it or not.

Vegas Princess said...

I drooled all through 300. I was just fascinated that that many men would have such perfect abs. It boggles the mind. Oh, the movie is pretty good too, but gory so make sure you are up for that!

Vegas Princess said...

Oh and the naswer to your question on my site...Adam Levine is 5'11.5" tall...at least that is what I found on the Internet...

LoraLoo said...

Martin: 300 was pretty good, I think you'll enjoy it.

VP: Cha, I mean... were all those abs for real? Wow. It was pretty gory, that's very true. Adam Levine is seriously that tall? When I saw him on American Idol last season I thought for sure he was the size of Prince. I guess not!

Nik said...

That before dance class picture is too funny. If I remember correctly, my goddaughter wasn't too fond of dance class until after a few weeks of going.

I absolutely loved 300. It's one of my all-time favorites. Gerard Butler was awesome. Hope you enjoyed it.