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Monday, July 23, 2007

What's In My Head

  • Madison is now addicted to chocolate covered raisins. I didn't do it, I don't eat them... I suppose it could be worse, like snickers or something?
  • Sometimes the best laid plans don't work out. I replaced 14 training room machines and although I built a great image for them, there was still a small software problem that will require me to touch them all first thing in the morning. It will be one big project off my plate - then it's on to bigger things like file servers.
  • I had someone tell me today that basically I don't mince words and I go straight for the heart of any issue on my mind. I distinctly remember Amy telling me once that she loved and hated this about me all at the same time. I know my filter is almost never on - and I am not good at keeping my opinion to myself.
  • I'm losing my chest, and I'm not all that happy about it!! I know, it's all relative. Since the rest of me is shrinking too, it is all staying proportional. But hey, a girl can dream.
  • Madison came home with sand in her hair today. Maddy was blessed with this head full of thick, beautiful hair. Until there's sand in it. I had to comb it and wash the hell out of it three times before I got it all out. We were in the tub so long, she was such a little prune by the time it was over. At least it didn't hurt, so she was cooperative (huge blessing).
  • I'm still hungry after my walk, and I ate dinner... so I think I'll end here and have some low-carb yogurt.


An80sNut said...

Being able to say what is on your mind is definitely a good thing. It's gotten you where you are. It is one of your better qualities as people always know where they stand with you and what is on your mind. Losing the boobies, not so cool... but I still love ya. And if being healthy keeps you around longer, I can deal with it. B)

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

You totally lost me on the tech talk but I do know what a file server is...does that count?

I used to love bathtime with Keven. Kids usually like being in the tub and don't seem to mind getting pruny :)

I hope my boobs shrink when I lose weight, they get in the way and sometimes men talk to them instead of me but I don't have the nerve to say "hey I'm up here"

Nik said...

I love the "What's in My Head" posts. I appreciate the randomness of them.

I have more respect for people who speak their minds and tell it like it is. It bothers me that somewhere along the way having an opinion and saying what's on your mind became a negative trait. I say it's a good thing, so don't be ashamed at all.

Don't even get me going on boobs. I'd be much happier without them. They just get in the way and annoy the heck out of me. Sports bras can only do so much, then it's all over with. But congrats to you on losing weight and I wish you continued success.

Vegas Princess said...

I think I have the same filter issue as you do.

As for the boobies, take some of mine, PLEASE!