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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

9 Questions Meme

Vegas Princess tagged me a few days ago... I did this one in the last year, I believe, but I'll bet my answers may have changed a little. Of course I never follow rules so I'm not tagging anyone, but please feel free to post!

Question #1: What Were You Doing 10 Years Ago?
1997, it was not my best year. That Spring I had endeavored into my first live-in relationship. It was a rebound relationship and by this time that year I’d realized it. I spent the next 6 months going through trying to be happy, realizing I’d never be happy and working to get the hell out of there and move on. One bright spot was that I realized my career path that year…I changed my major at UNLV and I was confident I was doing the right thing.

Question #2: What Were You Doing 5 Years Ago?
Five years ago, 2002. I wasn't a Mommy yet - so I was working and living large on the weekends! It was all about staying up too late, having a good time and sleeping until 10. I can’t even fathom what that might be like now, five short years later?

Question #3: What Were You Doing 1 Year Ago?
Chasing around a 2 year old with no fear and a whole lot of attitude! What else did I have time for?

Question #4: List 5 Snacks You Enjoy:
1. Pretzels
2. Cheesecake!
3. Ice Cream
4. Cashews
5. Yogurt

Question #5: List 5 Songs You Know All The Lyrics To:
1. Think I’m in Love - Beck
2. All I Really Want – Alanis Morrissette
3. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
4. Legal Tender – B-52’s
5. Mayonaise – Smashing Pumpkins

Question #6: List 5 Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire:
1. Get out of debt!
2. Invest
3. Buy a new truck, lifted (just a little) and tricked out. The louder the better. I promise, no cheesy flame graphics or accessories.
4. Buy a vacation home.
5. Travel, travel, travel

Question #7: List 5 Bad Habits:
1. Picking my nails
2. Smoking
3. Not getting enough sleep
4. I’m terribly unorganized
5. Being very critical of myself

Question #8: List 5 Things You Would Never Wear Again:
1. Shoulder pads!
2. jellies
3. Did I mention shoulder pads?
4. Anything argyle
5. Parachute pants

Question #9: List 5 Favorite Toys:
1. iPod
2. Laptop
3. Nokia Tablet
4. Sirius radio
5. Portable iPod player


Nik said...

Very interesting stuff Lora. Cheescake and ice cream are my favorites.

I hope you get your truck someday. Are you sure about the flames though? j/k

I hated shoulder pads! I'd cut them out of everything.

Molie said...

I can't get over the fact that you wore parachute pants. I don't think I have even seen a girl in them that wasn't in a music video.

An80sNut said...

You didn't make too many mistakes 10 years ago. B)

I think that I'd need a long time to figure out which songs that I know all the lyrics to and figure out which ones should be listed.

Vegas Princess said...

I am so behind in my blogging I didn't even see you did this one! What great answers!

jek said...

'97 was a bad year for me too ...