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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Proof I Should Not be Working Today

I'm sitting in Coworker S.'s office this afternoon, waiting for some things in my office to finish and wasting time. He's been looking into adding houseplants to his apartment, and we've been talking about them a lot. He mentions ferns and then says, "Where is Fern from? Isn't that her name in Charlotte's Web?" Without even missing a beat, I say: "No, isn't the spider's name Olivia or something like that?"

There's a long pause. S. then replies, "No, it was Charlotte??!!"

I nearly stopped breathing I was laughing so hard.

In light of this, I definitely shouldn't be working on anyone's computer today. I do believe this calls for some mental health time off.


Nik said...

LMAO-- hey I remember the movie Olivia's Web! That was a good one. hehehehe You definately have some stress relief days(or so I've heard them called) coming to you from the sounds of it.

Have a drink on me Lora. God that's too funny.

Molie said...

ROTF! Lora that is too funny.

Ken said...

OMG (I'll keep the web acronyms going)! Too funny. We've all had those moments.

Take a mental health day and enjoy it!

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

LMAO TOO! Classic. Yep, you need a day off!

*s* said...


I did that once about another movie:

"Hey what was that movie with the boy and the sword and the stone?"

My sister sill never lets me forget about that one. So I've been there too! :)

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hahahaha ... I have days like that, all too often !!
Take care, Meow