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Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Car Wash and More

I went to my new favorite car wash this morning, my car is so pretty! Really. Even though the car wash didn't turn my Tucson into a Dodge Ram. It's still pretty.

I noticed this morning this place has a lot of services to offer: oil changes, complete car detailing, a gas station (they even pump your gas for you!), and free internet and wi-fi services. They had two Dell workstations set up for free use, and hey - I can take my new toy up there next time and surf YouTube. I'm a little wary about using public internet terminals - I don't know what they've got set up as far as security, and they could very well have key logging programs recording your passwords. Perhaps I know too much about the scary side of technology? I watched a girl and her sister check their email as I sat there waiting, and it made me cringe a little. Regardless - that's some smart marketing for this car care place.

I got one of those super detail jobs this morning, and one teenage girl took care of my car. As I looked around I noted a few things: 1. She was the only girl of about 20 teenagers working, 2. All the guys were working in pairs, having a good time and helping each other, and 3) This young lady did a better job than any of those other guys hands down. It took her a little longer, because she was honestly giving me what I paid for and she had no help. When she was done, I asked her if they get to keep their own tips. When she said yes, I replied "Good, cause you worked for this!", as I gave her $10 (A bit over 30%).


Dan said...

You mean they don't give full body massages while your car is being washed??

Alright, so mine doesn't either, but I can dream can't I? :)

LoraLoo said...

Dan: Now THAT's an idea!

Ken said...

Wow. That's pretty impressive. I'm glad they made your car all prettiful!

Molie said...

Good on you Lora, that was very generous.

An80sNut said...

Sounds like a very cool car care place. You gotta let us know where it is.

I love what you did. I like seeing people work hard and prove something to themselves. Sometimes the rewards aren't tactile but having someone else notice your hard work and commend you for it... priceless. B) Great job!

Vegas Princess said...

Good for you! Great service should be rewarded. Maybe I should ask where this place is and take my car there. It really needs a good wash.