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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Disneyland - Day 1

We lucked out on the van - Karl plead my aversion to vans to the rental car place - and we ended up with an Explorer. It fit all the crap I packed and left room for all the crap we're going to undoubtedly take home. :)

We are all soooooo tired after the first day. Some noteworthy events from today:

1. Madison is not afraid of the characters walking around in costume; I was concerned this might be an issue. We got to see Goofy, Pluto and Mickey closeup (I think I'm forgetting one, and I am too tired to remember, but there are pictures as proof).

2. My child is a thrill-ride junkie. No Winnie-the-Pooh stuff for her. Whatever we took her on, it wasn't fast enough or high enough. She loved the Matterhorn. My 3-year-old didn't even scream on the Matterhorn. Me, on the other hand? I screamed my ass off. I too, love roller coasters 'n such, but I have cynicism and real fear from age.

3. We were on the Pirates of the Caribbean when it broke down today. We were on that ride, in the dark, for about 45 minutes. At least it wasn't the pitch dark areas - it broke down a couple of times, and we were luckily in areas with at least something to look at. There was a family behind us that Karl kept cracking up, so we got a comedy show and a ride. I also enjoyed how they've updated the ride with Jack Sparrow - they did Johnny Depp justice.

There's so much to see at Disneyland - we didn't even come back to the hotel and siesta as planned - and there were still things we missed. We're heading to California Adventure tomorrow; I'm excited because none of us have ever been in that particular park yet.

There are pics at Flickr... and now, I am going to get some well-earned relaxation and sleeeeeeep.


Vegas Princess said...

Trapped in the dark with Johnny Depp...not bad. Probably would have gotten me over my fear of being trapped on an amusement park ride (which has happened three times to me and is not fun)

I want to go to Disney!! I think we will have to make a trip. And rent a van. :)

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I thought about you last night! I was wondering how it was going and silly me didn't even think to check your blog!

Question: Did you plan this trip around the opening of the new Nemo ride? Just curious, its a BIG DEAL!
Danielle is taking Wyatt soon (they have season passes and go all the time).

I am so glad you guys are having fun! Gotta love that thrill seeker girl of yours! Hee hee!