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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What's In My Head

I didn't blog yesterday because of the blog silence campaign around the net... so here I am today!

I am getting a garbage disposal installed next week - I'm so very happy! A former coworker referred me to a friend who is a plumber, so big thanks to him. Now all that's left is painting, and Karl and I are doing it ourselves. Blech.

An uncle of mine had brain surgery yesterday to remove brain tumors. He came through the surgery okay but I'm not yet sure they got all the tumors out (I believe there were 7). Doctors are talking like he'll still need chemo. My Dad went back to Minneapolis to surprise him, so he's enjoying a family reunion of sorts (my Dad's whole family is back there). They're all very stubborn, strong German men on my Dad's side - so I'm thinking (and hoping) he's going to be just fine.

Karl and I bought a PS3 over the weekend. I've been bugging him to get one for awhile, and for a change, he'd been the voice of reason. I finally wore him down. :) We haven't gotten to play it enough to give a full review, but I'll let you know.

We took Madison to a "Touch-A-Truck" event on Saturday where they had fire engines, ambulances, milk trucks, bulldozers, police cars, miliary trucks and more for kids to play on, climb into and learn about. We went with Maddy's Godparents and their son... Madison was interested in looking at everything, but was mortified when someone wanted take her IN. To Karl's dismay she wouldn't even get into a race car for a picture! A nice highway patrolman wanted to take a picture with her, but his trooper hat kinda wigged her out. Hopefully next year she will be a little less wary.

I'm disappointed they cancelled that show "Drive" after two weeks. Coworker S. told me he was going to market me to the networks, because whatever it is *I* watch, it gets cancelled. He also noted this was a new record for me, and that now I just have to get something cancelled before it even makes air.


Ken said...

First, sorry your uncle had surgery, but I'm glad your Dad was able to go back to be with him. That's pretty cool.

I can see Madison getting all shy!

Sounds like the kitchen is all but done. How excited are you?

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I hope your uncle is ok!

BeckEye said...

Sending out ood vibes to your Uncle!

BeckEye said...

Ood? That should be "good." :)

Meow said...

Hope your uncle's gonna be OK
Wow, a garbage disposal ... they are getting more and more popular, these days.
Is your and hubby's families German ??? I didn't know ... my parents are German.
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow

*s* said...

Hope your Uncle makes it out okay too.

Tell us how the PS3 is. Tony is a big gamer, and usually wants all the latest toys, but he passed on that one for some reason. He got the Wii instead. I think he wanted to wait to make sure they got all the bugs worked out.

That truck event sounds cool. That's the kind of thing I miss about the states. Having fun things to take Carlee to, that she learns from at the same time.

"...and that now I just have to get something cancelled before it even makes air. "


An80sNut said...

My best wishes on the quick recovery of your uncle. Very scary stuff.

I actually can say that I don't own any console gaming systems that I use (there are two old Nintendo's in David's bedroom for when he stays over.) If I did get one, it would be for the Guitar Hero games which look very very cool.

I'm a big fan of Drive's Nathan Fillion (he used to be on Firefly.) For some reason, the concept seemed interesting but not enough to get me to add it to my Tivo. Sorry to see you lose another show.

Teri said...

My thoughts are with your uncle.

I am glad to hear that the kitchen remodel is going well. I might need to get the name and number of your plumber.

I heard about touch a truck. I joined a baby group and they were going there for a get together. Maybe next year, Jacob will be old enough to go. It sounds like fun.

Vegas Princess said...

I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope he is okay. It is good your dad gets to go see him.

I can't believe they cancelled Drive either. I really enjoyed it! I think we have the same curse.

Vegas Princess said...

P.S. There was a blog silence campaign? How did I miss that?