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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Flickr.com Lurkers - I'm talking to YOU! :)

Driving song of the day: "Legal Tender" by the B-52's

Just a sidenote: No one is ever leaving comments on my photos at flickr.com. Not ever! So hey - you lurkers! Let me know you were there once in awhile and that you enjoyed your visit, will ya?

American Idol: I think it's going to be Chris and Phil going home tonight (Beckeye, I totally agreed with your review, I just haven't commented at your place yet...).

My uncle had a rough day yesterday after his kidneys decided to revolt, but is doing better this evening. Thanks to all for your well wishes!

Have a fabulous day, all.


Ken said...

Yeah. I agree with the TV Guide lady that says at this point it gets harder and harder to be happy when people leave because while Phil and Chris were clearly ready to go, Phil had been improving over the last couple of weeks. If the top 3 are Blake, Jordin and Melinda I'm not sure who I'd pick...

BeckEye said...

We were both right about AI. We rock.

Nik said...

I haven't checked out your pix (or been around) in a while, so I will do so AND comment in the next few days. LOL

Your uncle's in my thoughts and prayers and I hope he's doing better.