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Friday, May 18, 2007

The 50 Worst Things Ever To Happen To Music

Click on the title to read the article. One of the most witty and most accurate music articles I've ever read. Just IMHO. Check it out and tell me what you think...


Molie said...

I would have added one more to the list: Nirvana. I appreciate that others loved them and that I am expressing what is most likely a very unpopular opinion. But for me the mainstream appeal of grunge music made me turn off my radio for the better part of the 90's.

Ken said...

I particularly liked the one about popera...My roommate met probably the one guy in all of London who despised Andrew Lloyd Webber, and he was trying to open the New Globe Theatre. He called him "variations on a bad theme."

BeckEye said...

They had me at Scott Stapp. I loved the whole section on Van Halen too. And kids today? I totally agree! :)

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

That was classic! I agreed with most, not all :)


Otto said...

This is a fantastic list. My personal favorite was the bit about Parrotheads. I've gone on similar rants about the negative impact [FILL IN THE BLANK]-heads have had on music. But nowhere is the evidence more damning that Parrotheads, in my view.

I've always enjoyed Buffett's music, but you couldn't get me near one of his concerts. The prospect of being immersed in an endless sea of drunken, middle-aged white people attending YuppiePalooza just doesn't do it for me.

Buffett concerts and tours typify what is wrong with the summer concert: no longer can you simply go and take in a 2-3 hour show. Now, it's all about props and daylong parties. "The experience," my (ugh!) "parrothead" friends tell me.

Being surrounded by old, drunk, slobbering yuppies who are fantasizing about the babysitter is not my kinda scene.

But that's just me. :-)

To Molie's point about Nirvana: While I am a fan of Nirvana's music, I can certainly relate to her sentiment of being turned off to what Nirvana represented in the early/mid-90s.