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Friday, February 16, 2007

National Sex Offender Database


Check out this website - it's like the sex offender database on steroids. Enter your street, state and zip and watch the dots appear on the map. Click on the dots to see the offender and their offense... kind of puts a new perspective on it when you can see exactly where they are near your house!


An80sNut said...

These things freak me out but I like having photos just in case I see one at the store. I'm working on my "you are the lowest piece of crap on this planet" look.

ZMan! said...

* http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=2796316
* http://sexoffenderinfo.pbwiki.com
* http://sexoffenderissues.blogspot.com/

* If the sex offender laws are kept, why discriminate? If sex offenders must suffer for life and be on GPS, so should ANYONE with a criminal record. If this is not done, then it is discrimination. Anyone with a criminal record should be on a registry on the internet for the whole world to see, and be on GPS for life. DUI offenders should not be able to live XX feet from an alcohol store and should have their license revoked. Drug dealers should not be able to live XX feet from anywhere children congregate, so they cannot sell our kids drugs. Murderers should not be able to life XX feet from ANYONE, since they may kill again. DUI offenders kill more people than any other crime (I believe), and I'm sure the entire public would love to know if a murderer, thief, drug dealer, etc lives in their neighborhood. If all this was on the internet for all to see, I'm sure everyone would NOT leave their house at all. These people are everywhere. Why are sex offenders being "scape goated"? EVERYONE WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD SHOULD OBIDE BY THE SAME LAWS SEX OFFENDERS HAVE TO OR IT'S DISCRIMINATION!!

* When will people ever realize no matter how tough on crime, all the zero tolerance, all the registries in the world will not prevent a murderer from murdering, a thief from stealing, a dealer from dealing, a user from using, a rapist from raping....accusations on any sex crime, child abuse, or domestic violence will literally nail your butt to the wall! No DNA has to be present, No violence has to be present..... HEARSAY ALONE IS LITERALLY NAILING THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO THE WALL BECAUSE OF THE BIASNESS IN THE LAWS.

* If we must keep the registry for sex offenders only, we need a multi-tier system:


* Why don't news agencies report when a murderer, gang member, DUI offender, drug dealer/user, etc are out of jail?

* "Buffer Zones" are a false sense of security!

* "Buffer Zones" are banishing people from their town, state, and possibly the country!

* "Buffer Zones" create homelessness, which costs society lost productivity, individual dignity, and creates additional problems for enforcing any accurate registry!

* "Buffer Zones" do nothing, except banish! It could be 50 miles and if someone wanted to re-offend, they'd just get in a car and drive!

* It should be MANDATORY that anyone in prison get therapy, and out of prison, if needed. Therapy does work. If you just lock them up, when they get out, they will be worse off. Therapy teaches people how to not act out and help, regardless of what the general public thinks. Just ask a therpist.

* We need to STOP this hysteria and get sex offenders the help they need.

* You can pass all the laws you want but without therapy and this "mob" mentality will not solve anything!

* I am sick of politicians using children to get their laws passed! Who would want to vote against anything that is "for the children"?

* "Stranger Danger" is a smoke screen & hype! Most child sexual offenses occur by someone the child knows, like a family member or close friend!

* These laws are being passed by politicians using sex offenders as scape goats, for votes!

* Registries do NOT protect anyone or prevent crimes!

* Registries are punishing sex offenders as well as their families and children, and opening them up to vigilantism. DON'T THE FAMILIES AND CHILDREN OF SEX OFFENDERS COUNT? They are suppose to be "for the children", right?

* Registries are NOT being updated in a timely fashion, so the public is getting false information! How is this helping the public or protecting them when they cannot rely on them?

* Registries are putting families and children of sex offenders in a public position to be socially outcast and discriminated against with regard to employment, housing, schooling, etc!

* About 90% of the people on the registry are NOT sexual predators or pedophiles that these laws were for in the first place!

* These laws cost millions, if not billions to enforce, and they cause prison over-population, which is already a problem, especially in California! AND TAX PAYERS PAY FOR ALL THIS!

* GPS does not prevent sexual crimes! Another false sense of security which cost tons of money! Plus they are suppose to pay for this, which will eventually go homeless. MAKE THE TAX PAYERS WHO WANT THESE LAWS TO PAY FOR THEM!

* These laws cause sex offenders to go underground and into hiding, due to the strict nature of the laws! How is this protecting anyone?

* These laws are all abount money for law enforcement and votes for politicians. Prison is a business! Politicians are salaried and want elected/re-elected! Law enforcement get paid for people in jails, prisons or on the registry!

* These laws blatantly disregard the United States constitutional rights of all citizens! (i.e. ex-post facto, due process & others)

* These laws are cruel and unusual punishment! A sex offender cannot go to a fast food restaurant which has a playground! Why? We have just as must of a right as you to get a burger! Plus they cannot go anywhere kids congregate, which is endless (i.e. Amusement parks, Movie theaters, the list is endless)

* Sex offenders can go to church, but must leave immediately afterwards. If a sex offender owns a business and someone decides to put a church or school next door, they have to now sell their business and move. This is not right, move the church or school, the sex offender was there first!

* These laws continue to punish people even after a sentence has been served, and they are trying to get on with their lives! (i.e. ex-post facto)

* These laws are driven by fear-mongering, opportunistic politicians and will do nothing to actually protect children!

* There are over one million women and children whose lives are inter-twined with a sex offender in the United Stated. They should matter too!

* Follow the money trail, these laws are conveyor-belt laws to benefit law enforcement! They get paid for the number of people in jail, prison or on the registry!

* They are currently a one-size-fits all for sex offenders! Not all sex offenders are predators or pedophiles that these laws are suppose to be for anyway!

* They are modern day witch hunts and a scarlett letter!

* If Sex Offenders are re-offending, why does the registries grow each day? Because new people are being added daily for stuff like "public urination", "mooning", "concensual sex", "young children playing 'Doctor'" and various other minor offenses that we need not worry about. We need to worry about predators & pedophiles!

* Now they are trying to make it a law that a sex offender, if they have kids, cannot "take a picture" of anyone under 18. This is totally stupid! Can't even take Christmas pictures, birthday pictures, etc!

* Also, because a sex offender owns a business in town, many people are trying to get the business shut down! The sex offender had the business for awhile. If you don't like it, MOVE!!!!

* The Nazi' did this back when Hitler was in power, with the Jews, Turks, etc.

* The thing about pedophiles not being able to take pictures of kids is stupid. You'd better shred any pictures you have of your kids when they were babies, like diaper changing, baths, etc.

LoraLoo said...

Zman: Thank you for sharing your opinion. Are you a parent? Were you molested as a child or know anyone who was?

Nik said...

Wow, someone's rather defensive, don'tcha think? Man, I would so love to debate this issue with this guy, but don't worry, I won't start a war of words over here.

I don't have kids and never will, but you better believe I'm all for these types of registries. We deserve to know this type of information and protect ourselves from sex offenders. I wouldn't knowingly live next to or allow my nieces and nephews to hang out with a sex offender. It's creepy seeing all those little dots come up though. Wonder if we could just put them all on an island and let them do what they do to each other?

An80sNut said...

After seeing the comment by Zman!, I have a few things to add that could offend. Forgive me, Lora.

The sex offender registry isn't perfect. The biggest problem is with repeat offenders as many anointed visionaries feel denying liberties with incarceration is far worse than a repeat offense.

But, the bigger problem is that many of these registered offenders are living next to schools. Sure this could be looked at as forcing the former-offender to deal with the issue daily and fight said demons... or could be too much for their willpower.

Of course, many of these repeat offenders will not show up on this list as many stop registering their location and disappear. We hear this often when a new offense happens and that offender is taken in again for the additional crimes. GPS could keep that from happening but would take a lot more enforcement.

Discriminate? Hell yes! Taking away the innocence of a child, scarring them for life and introducing cold realities of adulthood so early on isn't easily forgivable. The law doesn't forgive but sets aside societal judgments for such transgressions. I don't think you will find people logging on to track possible auto thieves for fear of their car being stolen but a child's innocence... it can not be insured or replaced. Only protected, as that is why parents are also called "guardians."

Yes, a tiered system would be much better. A parent that takes what would have been a traditional photo of a baby on a bearskin rug can currently be registered with pedophiles of the most extreme nature. It is also nearly impossible to be removed from such a list for taking a photo of your child that someone else may find obscene. This may be my only point of agreement with him as I know someone in that position.

Therapy is an interesting notion as there has been no known therapy that has worked on repeat sex offenders. Could more research go into it, sure. The problem with this is tied to our treatment of the mentally ill. Advocates posed the notion that keeping them medicated and "locked up" against their will in institutions was again taking away their civil liberties. We see many of them roaming the streets with "Feed Me" signs and sleeping in parks. An uncured sex offender doesn't wear such a sign.