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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I wasn't raised politcally correct, and I survived!?

Today when I picked up Madison from daycare, I asked the room teachers about Halloween. "Do you have anything planned for Halloween?", I inquired. I received a puzzled look. "We can't celebrate Halloween, but we are having a Fall Festival," was the answer I received. "We can't have Jack O'Lanterns, but we can have pumpkins. There are no ghosts, no witches." I was dumbfounded. The politically correct bullshit has been spreading under my very nose. I answered with "Well, I bought some treats, and some treat bags - but they have ghosts and those very Jack O'Lanterns on them, so nevermind. But can I bring those treats that week, and you can give them whenever you want?"

And then I remembered. Some of the treats I bought are peanut butter ritz crackers, and you can't give anything with peanuts at daycare.



barbara said...

Just wait till Christmas...you can't use the word "Christmas" anymore. Sighing with you.

An80sNut said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'd be absolutely livid if someone did that to me.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Uuuuuum! Barbara said the "C" word!


I think it's completely stupid. One of these days, this will be remembered in the history books... unless they're regulated by the gov'ment. Bleh.

ScrapAddictNV said...

No Halloween, WTF has this world come to? To destroy every child's fantasy of getting pillowcases full of candy for doing nothing other than dressing up? No ghosts, whitches, or Jack-o-Lanterns? That's ridiculous. It just makes you want to say Happy Halloween to everyone you see that day, it's bad enough we're all reduced to "Season's Greetings" and no tree at work, so no one gets their little feelings hurt.....but work and daycare are two different things. I say if kids can still say the Pledge of Allegiance in school, and say one nation under God, then my God we can say and have a Halloween! What's next, killing the Easter Bunny?

ScrapAddictNV said...

oh yeah, and at school in NV they not only celebrate Halloween, but allow kids to wear costumes to school, so what kind of daycare are you two sending Madison to?

Ken said...

Yeah. People are so worried about who they may or may not offend anymore that things are just crazy. However, it's almost like we are living in an episode of The Simpsons DOH!

BeckEye said...

Yes, you're teaching children to become psychotic devil worshippers if you let them celebrate Halloween. Eventually we won't have any holidays left. How will we ever get off work??

Fred said...

You should work in a school. The political correctness is out of control. I hate it.

Meow said...

*Siiiiiggghhhhh* ... I think all this political correctness is a load of BS.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

New White Keds said...

All the PC is outta contriol. I will give you that. And no Halloween!? THAT is unadulterated BS.

BUT... today's kids are growing up very differently than we did, aren't they? Is it the lack of PC or the overabundance, I wonder, that is having some kind of impact?

JJ said...

Oooo I like new white keds' closing question.

Sux about Hween.

Someone needs to jump all over Valentine's day. Talk about a sick holiday...lol.

Have a great weekend, LL!

Anonymous said...

How very odd. I'd love for you to ask them why they "can't celebrate Halloween." Will someone's head explode if they do? Will fire ants destroy the world?

The few years my kids attended a parochial school not only were they able to celebrate Halloween but they put on a Halloween pagent. And to my surprise and delight they even spoke about the origins of the holiday in a non condesending manner.

Vegas Princess said...


Since when is Halloween un-PC? That is completely ridiculous! Who complained to get it taken away?

Perhaps I am biased because that is my favorite holiday. I believe we should all be able to take off work, dress up in costume and get free candy. I love Halloween!


Thanks for offering your help and advice to me via Amy with the whole car thing, I really appreciated it!