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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Random Wednesday Blurb

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July - hopefully you weren't working, but partaking in festivities, whatever they might have been.

I have rediscovered two things in the last few days since my new laptop arrived: ITunes and MySpace. MySpace is not something that will ever steal me from blogland, but it's kind of unique and interesting. I still can't get past the whole "predator" aspect of it that I understand more than I'd like to in my line of work; nonetheless, it is a great way to keep in touch with friends you already have, and a way to join groups who have similar interests. You can find me on MySpace here.

ITunes has always been a dear friend, but I never spent much time browsing the music store. I downloaded quite a bit of music there yesterday, I was able to find some songs I've wanted for a long time! My only complaint is the inability to convert these files to MP3 because they are "protected". I don't like losing that kind of control over the music I've paid for! I'm sure there's a way around that, I just don't know it yet.

Madison had her first childhood emergency room visit last night: She burned her right forefinger trying to grab a sparkler. She ended up with a second degree burn, and actually handled it way better than we did. I have to give big props to Mountain View hospital - we were in and out of their emergency room in 40 minutes. 40 minutes! They were very kind and efficient. It really helped us as parents, we were feeling so horrible about it... you figure how harmful can sparklers be, right? Well - common sense - it's a burning wire, so yeah, kind of harmful. Next year we will be watching fireworks that someone else is setting off!

Ending on a bright note... I received another postcard from Meow in Australia! It was such a nice surprise... Thank you! You should visit her page and check out her postcard blog - she has received some beautiful postcards from all over the world.


Teri said...

40 minutes? That is awesome.. Glad to hear she is doing ok. I haven't ventured over to myspace yet, maybe one of these days...

Undercover Angel said...

That's terrific that you were in and out of the ER in 40 minutes. We usually have a 2 hour wait around here. I can just picture a little one trying to grab a sparkler. Bless her heart. I'm glad she's doing okay...

Meow said...

Wow, in and out of ER in 40 minutes ... that's incredible. Here you're lucky to be seen withing a couple of hours (if you're lucky !) Hope the finger is OK, no permanent damage.
Glad you got the card ... I thought I'd send you another, as you had sent me 2. I loved this one, anyway, and thought you might, too !!
Have a great week, take care, Meow

Nik said...

Myspace is crazy-- I'm very picky about accepting friends on there, everybody on my list is someone I already knew beforehand, so I feel safe. I'll be looking you up over there, fair warning.
Glad the first trip to the ER wasn't too traumatic and that time is amazing--they should be given an award or something.
That's a really cool postcard, again. Are you a collector?

Ken said...

40 minutes is great! Amy's been at Urgent Care for over an hour this morning so huge props to Mountain View Hospital. Sorry Madison burned herself though...

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Oh no!! I hope Maddy's not going to be traumatized over that sparkler! Poor thing.

An80sNut said...

So sorry to hear about her injury but happy to know that they were able to help her out that quickly at Mountain View.

I've actually avoided downloading anything off of iTunes so far. Maybe it is the cheap CDs on eBay or at pawn shops that sometimes can be picked up for $4. This is a huge deal if it is a 'best of.' I think that I also have control issues about my collection and I don't want to have something that I can't use at some point due to format constraints.

MySpace is rather interesting. Sure, if you are out there looking for something, you will find it but not many people call it what it is... a better version of Friendster. Social networking is risky but if you use it for keeping tabs on friends and learning things from group areas, it is a useful tool.

JJ said...

Sparkler burn, oww! Well, there's one for the baby book! Dang!

My brother once set my oh-so-stylish (at the time) crocheted poncho on fire with a sparkler. (Brat!) Later on, some other dumb kid lit our dog's tail on fire with a sparkler. Little pyro bastard!

Davydgrey said...

I want a new laptop too!

Bar said...

Oh no! I just got caught up here and am sorry to hear about Madison's finger! I'm glad it was taken care of so well. I go to My SPace to check up on my my boyfriends daughter who is 12 (but says she's 14). She won't accept me as a friend (which is good cause she doesn't know its me) so I can't check on her to thoroughly. Ohter than that I have never used it. But I'll go check you out :)

Matt said...

The way around the MP4. Burn it to a disk then rip it back as MP3. Sounds insane, but if you burn a disk for the car it is only one extra step. Glad to hear Madison is ok.

LoraLoo said...

Thanks to all of you for the well wishes to Madison - we saw the pediatrician this a.m. and is doing great.

Teri: Myspace is OK. I kinda like this forum better. I have one friend that uses it exclusively, so it's easier to keep up with her that way.

Undercover Angel: An ER visit under 40 minutes is amazing, eh?

Meow: I LOVE the postcard, it was so very thoughtful.

Nik: I'd love to add you as a Myspace friend!

Ken: Hope Amy is OK, I know she wasn't feeling too hot.

Martin: You're right, it's easier (and cheaper) to just buy CDs outright. I won't be doing much downloading from ITunes. About Myspace - you described it quite well. If you're really looking for "something", I'm sure you'd find it.

JJ: Oh no! The poncho on fire! Brothers. Hmphf!

Lloyd: Put it on the baby registry! ;)

Barbara: I hear that, checking on the little ones on Myspace. It's a good sign she's not accepting strangers (since she has no idea it's you) as friends.

Matt: That is so easy... thanks for the tip! I had no idea that's all it would take.