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Saturday, May 20, 2006

This is my other child, Dallas. I've written about him before, but I haven't posted a picture in a long time. He was rescued from the 215 beltway here in Las Vegas when he was about 6 months old. One of the ladies I did tech support for is a Humane Society foster parent, and she trapped me in her office with him on the day he was rescued. I've never had a cat before, but I fell in love instantly. He's now almost 5 years old and the sweetest cat I've ever known. He's really good with Madison - he will put up with her awkward pats and her squeals - and when it gets to be too much, he simply walks away. He's never bitten her! I just love him to pieces. I don't know how well you can tell by the picture, but he's a very big cat. He weighs about 16 pounds!


Lily said...

Sweet, Dallas is a beautiful cat.

Bar Bar A said...

He is beautiful! He reminds me of a cross between two of my kitties.

Madeline is getting bigger! She's so sweet. I remember my son touching flowers like that!!!

Cute little outfit on her too.

An80sNut said...

I think if I had to have a pet, it would probably be a cat. I kind of like the self-sufficient types. Very cool colors on the coat and it is great that you took it in when you did. B)

Ken said...

What a cute cat! Makes me think of my two little ones. I've always been more of a cat person than a dog person, and that cats are relatively self-sufficient was very helpful.

Anyway, very cool cat.

LoraLoo said...

Lily: Thank you!

Barbara: Thanks! Madison is definitely getting bigger - before I know it she'll be doing the "Mom... can you stop that? It's so embarrassing." So I'm living it up while I can.

Martin: Cats are great that way - when we did do last minute weekend trips - a lot of water, food and a big litter box was all he needed.

Ken: Thanks! I'm still very much a dog person, but I wouldn't trade my kitty for the world.

New White Keds said...

I have two other furry purrsons here, if you were looking for siblings for Dallas :-) Just kidding, Ken.

Ken is right, his markings are similar to our "alien Kitty," only she is a short hair. We MUST talk cat hair some time.

Dallas Rocks!

Nik said...

I'm not a cat person, but yours is so pretty (well man-pretty). I love those eyes, almost hypnotic.

Vegas Princess said...

What a beautiful baby! And the fact that you rescued him makes him all the more special!! And from the beltway no less. He is a lucky kitty to not have gotten squashed on that crazy road!

Meow said...

What a beautiful cat. Reminds me of one I had when I was a kid. So fluffy !!
Take care, Meow