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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Girls Night, AI

Is it just me or does Heather Cox on American Idol look exactly like the stalker girlfriend Fez had on That 70's Show? I can't seem to get past that, LOL.

The girls did not "WOW" me last night as a whole. Mandisa, however, surprised me. She was really, really good. I'm glad because I already like her personality, and now I'm convinced she can sing. I am still favoring Katharine McPhee and I also cannot help but like Kelly Pickler. Brenna, now that girl needs to go. I think the producers like someone each season who stirs it up, isn't polite and is very full of themselves for no apparent reason.

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Teri said...

OK, I am a little behind on blogs... Brenna reminds me of a mean Mikala from last season... Thank God she is gone.. she just annoyed me!