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Monday, February 27, 2006

Do's and Don'ts

Don't leave your keys in the car overnight with accessory on. This is quite embarrassing when you're married to a mechanic. My hubby had to give me a jump before I could leave for work this morning. It's revenge for some damage he did to his laptop only to sheepishly hand it to me and ask me to undo it.

Don't let your toddler girl play with your hair bands. They'll never be your hair bands ever again, they will now be her bracelets, and you'll find them EVERYWHERE, except for the one you're looking for at any given time.

Don't replace the motherboard on a Dell Gx280 small form factor and think you're done with it. Because you're not. You'll probably replace it at least three times, along with the power supply. This model is complete crap.

Do enjoy the rain, especially when you live in the desert. It's raining outside right now, and I'm digging it!

Do make leftovers for dinner and opt for free time with your family before bed. Madison and I had a blast tonight because I wasn't in the kitchen a long time when we got home. Her little personality is just evolving so much and I love her sense of humor. She's at a stage where she does things just to get us to laugh. Just before her bath I turned on VH1 Classic and we danced to One Hit Wonders. She loves music, and that simply rocks!

Do revel in the fact that regular TV programming returns this week! My favorite comedy sitcom? "How I Met Your Mother." This show is hilarious! Neil Patrick Harris is a comedy genius... whodathunkit? I'm also looking forward to a new episode of Medium, one of my other TV addictions.


An80sNut said...

This is a great list that shows me you are still leading a wonderful life through all the little issues and never underestimate the effect a parent's music has on a child. B) It'll be a cold day in hell before I buy a pre-made computer (Dell, Gateway, Compaq, etc.) It's a luxury to know what is in it and every 3 years (or when your processor speed is half of what is currently on the market) port over your good components to a better motherboard.

Bar Bar A said...

Awwwww, Madison is such a little doll. I miss those years! My son played with my hairbands too but he used them like slingshots.

OF COURSE Madison is a rocker - she's your daughter right ;)

I'm going to check out those shows!

Davydgrey said...

If you think the 280s are bad you should try working with the 250s and the 260s -shudder-

LoraLoo said...

Martin: I have to admit, I'm pretty lazy about building my own computers. I have 3 Dells at the house and have been quite happy with them. It's nice to have someone else build it and have them send me parts when something fails. I think if I didn't do this for a living, perhaps I'd be more geek at home.

Barbara: I hope Madison becomes a music junkie like me. I also hope she's a football fan... ah, the things we impose on our children. :)

Lloyd: Oh, the 260's! We have those in towers, and replace the power supplies in those things like crazy. They're almost out of warranty, and our rep is meeting with a Dell rep to discuss this ongoing problem this week.

New White Keds said...

Do -- remember how lucky you are to have friends to remind you of the simple joys and disasters in life. Thanks for a great post.

Ken said...

Great post Lora. I too am glad that regular TV is going to be back, but I am also glad all my favorite shows are setup on DVR so I can watch them when I get back on Saturday and Sunday.

JJ said...

Yes, putting off a big dinner and some housework occasionally to be with the kids is a MUST. Chores will wait but those moments once gone... Great post!

LoraLoo said...

Amy: Thanks! Glad to see you made it through your weekend with your emotions still in tact.

Ken: Hey, a post all the way from India! I'll try not to put up any American Idol spoilers for you.

jj: Chores will wait, you're absolutely right. :)

Vegas Princess said...

I love "How I Met Your Mother!" And last Monday's episode was classic! Neil getting all the dirt on them and also having the hippy hair look. So great. Have you checked out his blog at CBS.com? I used to have the link on my blog but I got rid of it when it didn't update when they were off the air. I think I may have to put it on their again.

Rain in the desert, gotta love it, except when you just washed your new car the Saturday before and you are now saying, why me? But hold on to you horses, we are supposed to get SNOW this Thursday and Friday...as well as temps in the 40s. However, the one thing I love about living in the desert is the weather changes at a drop of a hat if a storm doesn't make it over the mountains. Very cool in deed.