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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Who's Yer Idol

Let's be honest - who watches American Idol? Some claim it as a secret guilty pleasure... but I admit it, I love this show. I find Simon Cowell funny and brutally honest, two good qualities for a record executive (and it makes up for the false hope Paula sometimes gives). If these singers suck, he doesn't hold any punches and in the music business he's really doing them all a favor. It's a cruel world, get used to it. I do love watching the bad singers' auditions, although sometimes I feel they let them go on too long. I really don't need to see 4 minutes of an audition gone horribly wrong, right? I get the idea in the first 30 seconds of screeching. Karl and I like to pick our two favorites from the top 25 and see who chooses the Idol (or gets closest to being the Idol). Karl actually won last season, he chose Carrie Underwood and I had Bo Bice. We'd both also chosen Constantine, I still think he could have gotten closer to number 1.

I am going to have to stay up later and watch some of the programming I've been taping, or give up some of my programming altogether. When I was in college I didn't watch much TV - and I was in college for so many years that I really had no idea what it was like to loaf in front of the TV for the same programs every week (I think I saw 3 episodes of Friends the entire time it ran). After I graduated I wondered what the hell I would do with my evenings, and now as a mommy I relish in those two hours I get every night to watch TV. I've gone into TV overload and can't seem to keep up each week!! We haven't watched a new release movie since the Fall season started, and it's becoming annoying. American Idol is going to complicate this even more *sigh*.

I received my yearly review from the boss today. I haven't actually received one of those in a few years - I've only had one supervisor in over 15 years that felt it important to let employees know how they're doing. I've been here so long and topped out in pay, so it was never like I was missing out on merit increases. I was hoping to actually get some good feedback, I do like to know how well I'm doing my job. Unfortunately, I got a cookie-cutter review. At least I know I'm meeting the standards required of me, and I guess I should be happy about that, right?


An80sNut said...

I saw a little last night at work. (Note: If you are going to go in and sing a song, know more than the chorus. It might help you if Simon lets you sing more than "Start spreading the news...")

I plan on clearing off my Tivo here and there by taking them to work with me. I'll explain how later. B)

I do think reviews are crap. I used to get one each year. I was always told that I'm a pleasure to work with and I am good at my job but they'd like to see me more (meaning, I use some of our sick/personal days but not enough to be reprimanded.)

Ken said...

Amy and I watched a little bit of it last night. Simon was in typical form. I particularly enjoyed the one meltdown.

ClientLogic was really religious about doing reviews. I got them pretty regularly. Frankly, I thought they were hoaky, since they said there wasn't a direct correlation between your review score and your merit increase, but there was a formula and most managers don't want to go over their budgetary percentage.


Hey girl, you're getting a good evaluations from your boss...think positive! *wink. I love American Idol too...

Bar Bar A said...

I hate cookie-cutter reviews. I think you know you are doing an excellent job, but it sure is nice to hear it from someone else now and then.

I watch Idol when they start doing the eliminations of the final 12 (is that how many it is). I know I cheat, but I am just not a TV person otherwise.

*s* said...

**looks to see who's around**
((whisper)) hey, loraloo, i watch american idol... but don't tell anyone. and i love the horrible singers. they make me laugh so hard... lol

Lily said...

I haven't watched/taped any of the auditions so far. I'm sure I will catch some Idol at some point, but I am not going out of my way this year to watch or tape it.

I've read online that we've already had our annual obligatory auditioners who are in trouble with the law. Seems they're getting that out of the way early this time around.

Davydgrey said...

Lora -- Teri makes me watch AI but I will admit I have grown to enjoy it.

New White Keds said...

Aside from Nip/Tuck, AI is my biggest TV addiction. I love comparing notes and such.

As far as reviews go -- just take the smooth reviews and smile. Nothing worse than getting a bad review that you did not see coming; or worse, one that you DID see. Does mula come with it? If so, then really just smile, say thank you and move forward.

Teri said...

Yes, I freely admit, I am an American Idol fan. I do not watch very much tv. I would like to watch more, but to be honest with you, I don't have the time or the inclination. I rarely sit still, and I just don't think about turning on the tv.

Reviews are so different now that I am a teacher. They are so in-depth and detailed. I will have to post one so you can see it. My favorite reviews are from my students. They wrtite me letters, that just make my day.

Fred said...

I'm a faithful watcher. I always tape the openers because they have the bad singers. I then edit them down for showing in my class during club periods when I have kids that don't have a club. They love watching them.

I used to put alot of work into reviews. I expected the same from my boss, so I thought I should do the same.