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Sunday, January 22, 2006


What a highly unexciting weekend it's been. I suppose that's not entirely a bad thing, it could be worse!

Saturday I took everything out of my pantry, scrubbed it down and reorganized it. Wooooohoooo I'm sure you're at the edge of your seat on that one. We should have been outside pulling weeds and trimming Texas Sagebrush in the backyard, but why? I was beyond lazy today.

This afternoon my brother-in-law came over and spent the afternoon. We caught the football games (Did you know the Seahawks have NEVER been to the superbowl?) Guess I know who I'm rooting for. It's against my nature as a Cowboys fan to support the Steelers in any fashion, but may the best team win, because I really have no stake in this one.

Right now I'm watching The Ren and Stimpy show... it's the episode where Stimpy wins the Gritty Kitty contest and ends up on the Muddy Mudskipper show. I forgot how much I love this show. Oh Joy!

I'm adding more pics to flickr tonight, but wanted to put this one here. Madison's favorite game, where she hides around a corner and jumps out yelling "Boooo!"

Hope you all had a much more exciting weekend!


JJ said...

Hee heee! Cute lil one ya got there! I'm afraid my weekend was right up there with yours. But I got to thinkin just now (I know, beware...)...somewhere out there, someone is saying "gee I wish I had a gaggle of kids to chase after, cook for and clean up after day in and day out! These weekends jet-setting around the world world and spending money just leave me feeling...empty." LOL ;)

Ken said...

That's a very cute pic of Madison. Some times you need weekends like that. Amy and I had a somewhat productive weekend. Dave and I are mostly moved it, so that's cool. All I need to do is get my TV and Home Theatre system moved. Then it can truly feel like home.

Fred said...

My weekend was all about me on the couch being sick on Saturday. Sunday was better, I was able to get up and even blog.

Go Pittsburgh!

Bar Bar A said...

No, you got me beat in the excitement department. I sat around with a headache most of the weekend.

Madison is so adorable. I love her eyes. What a wonderful age :)


Your darling angel is sooo cute!

My weekend is relaxing, toured a friend (who's now based in Japan) around here in Washington DC. I was able to visit some tourist spots that I've never been to also *smile.

An80sNut said...

Ren & Stimpy are great. I have one VHS tape (Volume 1, I think) on a shelf in the other room. Space Madness rocks.

I got to see most of the first game and was happy with the way they both went. Both teams had issues and this leaves a good game for us. I have friends that are Pitt fans and wouldn't be hurt if they won but now that you mention it... it'd be good to see some new blood in there.

I'm wondering where Madison got the idea for popping out at people. hahaha

Nik said...

Where can you find Ren and Stimpy on tv? I loved that show!!
Again, the pic of your daughter is too precious.