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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005

I got some nice video of Madison opening her presents - but not a lot of pictures. My Dad got some great pictures I'm sure when we celebrated at his house Christmas day, but I haven't seen them yet... so here's one I do have. She's playing with a cool toy Santa brought her. Those are letters on the fridge, and there's this little thing she can fit the shapes into to play a song about that particular letter. She's talking like crazy now, and some of it is actually starting to make sense! So Santa had a good idea with this toy.

A question I get a lot is if she had a blast on Christmas morning. Honestly, I don't know. She opened her presents, but didn't quite get what was going on (and frankly I think she got bored with the idea rather quickly). She's still young, I think next year we'll really get to see the excitement of Christmas through a child's eyes.


Fred said...

You're right, they rip through them as quick as possible without really realizing the joy of it all. I used to hate when the box was better received than the present.

She's such a cutie!

Ken said...

I think she was probably more happy with the paper and boxes than the gifts themselves, but once she starts playing, she'll like the gifts.