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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Thirty Second Bunnies Theatre Library

This site was seriously amusing. Bunnies recreating popular movies in thirty seconds. Check it out! Angry Alien Productions

My favorites? It's a tie between "Scream" and "The Shining". Something about cute little bunnies in horror is hilarious to me.

This is what I'm doing instead of writing out my Christmas cards.


Fred said...

My favorite was The Big Chill. What a great website. Too bad we can't include them in our Christmas cards.

Bar Bar A said...

THESE ARE GREAT! How did you find them? I liked Jaws and Titanic. Very fun stuff.

Ken said...

I've seen these before. These are great. I have to say that I particularly enjoyed Scream.

Teri said...

My favorite was highlander, I think because I am/was such a big fan. Very cute, they are also keeping me from doing my Christmas cards :)

TC said...

Thanks for visiting my site earlier, I enjoyed your comment, you are so right, Christmas is so great when you get to see it through a little one's eyes.

You have a great site, I will be back again.

Jas... said...

Absolutely hilarious! By the way, what the hell does lackadaisical mean????



Nik said...

LOL-- I haven't even started my Christmas Cards yet, so you're ahead of me. I have some that have to travel a long way, so I should get 'em done, but the internet is too much fun.
I loved the bunny site and I'm with you, Scream is my fave!

LoraLoo said...

Fred: I've never actually seen The Big Chill. Isn't that weird?

Layla: I actually found these through the Firefox extension StumbleUpon. It chooses random pages according to interests you select. It comes up with some great pages.

Ken: I knew you had a good sense of humor.

Teri: I am surprised to say I haven't seen Highlander either. I must have spent the 80's doing some weird things. That was an 80's movie, right?

tc: Thanks for stopping by here, yourself! I really liked your blog too, I've bookmarked it to visit often.

Jas: It's how I'm going to be feeling until the Holidays are over, and I'm jolted back to reality. :)

nik: 4 days ago I started doing the Christmas cards, and I've actually only gotten about 8 completed. Ack.

An80sNut said...

I've actually watch these before but I'm happy you mentioned it or I would have missed the Highlander one. B) Great stuff. The more I think about it... it reminds me of Happy Tree Friends but with a movie theme and less mutilation.