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Monday, September 05, 2005

On a lighter note, and a healthier one at that

I am finally over my head cold today, and I am now the only healthy one in the house (besides Dallas the cat). Madison came down with it Thursday but thankfully she's just had a runny nose for the last few days. She's much like me when she's sick - it's a don't touch me, don't talk to me, don't expect anything from me kind of thing. Karl, who NEVER catches my sickness, is miserable and a big baby... It never stops amazing me what miserable little boys some men turn into when they're sick. It's like I have a 10 year old in the house.

Soooo... our weekend family BBQ had to be canceled until next weekend. We've spent the last three days locked up in the house with a lot of fluids and a lot of kleenex!

I've discovered Madison's girlie side. Shoes! She LOVES shoes. She will sit in her closet and try to put each pair on, then begging Mommy to help her try them all on so she can parade around the house in them. I'm thinking she's going to have a nice balance between girlie and non-girlie. I just don't know what I'd do with a little priss, so this is a good thing!


New White Keds said...

SHOES!?!? How perfect is that? She will have racing shoes in every color!

Sorry the family is sick, but glad you are feeling better enough to be playing nursemaid to your favorite children.

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better but what a rotten time of year to get sick!
I am the same way when I am sick, leave me alone, I can deal with it. My S.O. on the other hand starts to whine at the first sign of a sniffle and he always starts off my saying "I'm getting the flu." Sheesh. It's always just a mild cold. Big baby.

An80sNut said...

Oh damn, Imelda Marcos here we come. B) Glad to hear some of you are getting better.

Teri said...

Tell me about it, Lloyd is sick and is being a big baby. I shouldn't complain because I think I am coming down with it.

That is so cute, shoes. You need to introduce her to matching purses. hehehehehe

Fred said...

I have three pairs. It's one of the most stressful things for me to do when I buy shoes, so I just don't buy them unless they're completely falling apart.

Moose said...

I have to admit that I'm a big baby when I get sick. I'm just not used to not feeling good.

LoraLoo said...

Amy: I'll have to remember that when the time comes. "Do those come in pink?"

Jennifer: It was a lousy weekend to be sick. Thank goodness for lots of sleep, a nice trade with the days off.

Martin: Thanks. :) She'd better get a paper route to compete with Imelda. LOL

Teri: Hope you don't come down with it! Buy the Zicam...

Fred: I laugh because I used to have a shoe thing, but lost it somewhere around the first bill for formula and diapers. Now I have three pair I wear all the time.

Moose: Good, sounds like you don't get sick a lot. I seem to catch everything within a five-mile radius.

Jas... said...

When I get sick, I can't move. I can't do a thing but lay there. That also means I can't complain, not that I'd want to. My wife likes it when I get sick because it's one of the rare times I let her "take care of me".

I need to let her take care of me more often, I suppose. Try to release some of this self control I've got, huh?

Oh well! Great post, girl!