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Friday, August 19, 2005

Mustard Gas Party: Photographic Essays

It's a slow day at the office. I think everyone's out enjoying the last bit of summer before school starts... and for once, I am idle. No complaints! I was going through my Favorites and came back across this photographic essay website I'd visited before. My title above is a link. This particular site has pictures of architecture, and lets the pictures speak for themselves. Check it out. There are links to other sites there, if you like it. Click on "Resources" on the home page for more.

Having grown up primarily in Nevada where there isn't the extensive architectural history you find in so many other American cities, this website fascinates me. You will see many abandoned homes on this site, many large estate types. How on earth does that happen, I wonder?


An80sNut said...

Moose really needs to see this. I really love seeing normal items from a photographer's eye in extremely sharp detail.

Fred said...

It's a very interesting website. I wish they would put up the location, history, etc., as the pictures make me curious.

A boring day can be a good day.

Vavoom said...

Thanks for the fantastic link, loraloo. Boston has its fair share of historic beauty and run down monoliths. In Oakland, CA there's a great building called the Fox. It was the community theatre back in the day, but then fell into disrepair.


The fight is on to restore this beautiful building. I, for one, am a staunch supporter of saving buildings like the Fox theatre.

LoraLoo said...

Martin: You're right, Moose will enjoy it.

Fred: I am really curious about where these photos were taken, and the history. I see the rooms and think about who might have been through them, and what happened to leave them forever silent?

Vavoom: That Fox theatre is absolutely beautiful. I do hope it is restored! We used to have a Fox theatre here too, that didn't survive - it was a piece of Vegas history I was sorry to see go due to downtown revival, but it certainly wasn't anywhere near as beautiful.

Teri said...

Growing up in LA, I once went on a field trip in high school to downtown LA to see the great buildings. It was a wonderful field trip that I have fond memories from. I do wish we had more history in Vegas.

Jas... said...

How does it happen? People just want more MORE MORE! So they get bigger things thinking that God will love them even more that he does already.

Oh well.

Jennifer said...

What wonderful photography. And I agree, I would be more interesting if we knew where they were taken.