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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Obviously I've Been Sheltered

I've been in a high tech crime training class this week. This class is the first of three in a series, and this first is basically all theory. I thought it was going to be pretty boring... I know that when I take some of the Microsoft Certification courses that my job forks out way too much money for, I have a hard time concentrating and I think of all sorts of things I'd rather be doing. I was wrong this time, imagine that! This class has been very interesting; a combination of great material and an excellent instructor. I have realized, however, that I have led a very sheltered life. Of course I know there is child porn, fraud and the like; I just never realized how many different ways there are to commit a crime using technology and/or the internet. We spent an entire morning on child pornography, abduction and stalking; all I wanted to do is come home and keep Madison locked in the house until she is 25. There are some really whacked people out there! Tomorrow we are tested for certification...a lesson Microsoft should learn; the test is included as part of the course!


Jas... said...

I agree Lora, whack jobs under our very noses. Not much to do for all of us except train our li'l ones to be vigilent for themselves. They are on the front lines, our children. We must teach them who the bad guys are, what to look for, to trust above all else, their instincts.
Excellent Post!

Moose said...

The internet is just another tool for the criminally intelligent person to use. It's like everything else, there's good and bad. Good post.

Fred said...

My dad calls the internet "The Devil's Worksop." I gues you just confirmed it for him!

SemiMBA said...

It is not the Internet that is the problem, it is the way we deal with pedophiles. The Internet hasn't really made it easier, just a different venue.

We need to institute the death penalty for serial pedophiles. Forget rehab - they are not worth it.

(I told my 11 year old that she couldn't date until she was 25 and finished with her black belt in Karate)

An80sNut said...

I find it interesting to see how high tech the research is getting. I was visiting some friends that own a computer store and an FBI agent came in. I talked to him about an old computer that I had to clean up for someone that got it second hand... it had some files on it that were highly questionable. He did mention that very few cases begin there and most come from sites, chat rooms and file transfers. It's good to learn all you can about the things that can shatter your trust in people. This way you can rebuild it with stronger foundation. B)