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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Is it legal to put "Church" and "South Park" in the same post?

Madison was baptised last night... it was a beautiful ceremony with very few guests. I added some pictures to my daily zeitgeist here on the side, but so far they aren't the best pictures. We had several cameras going, hopefully I'll get some better. It was a funny ceremony to me; I haven't been an active church member in so long I wondered if I was going to burst into flames upon entering! Obviously we felt it important or we wouldn't have done this, it just felt a little weird.

Her Godparents and ourselves talked a bit last night about how we are going to raise our kids regarding religion; they are Catholics and I am what they call a "fallen away" Catholic. I will find a Christian church here in the area when it's time and get Madison into Sunday school so she is able to get a foundation - it is important she be able to make her own decisions regarding religion when she's grown up, and not simply take my tarnished word for it. :) I was unaware of this - but the Catholic religion requires Godparents to be active members of the Catholic church and must require proof! In proof I mean a signed and sealed letter from a priest in the church the Godparent belongs to. Also, there is a list of strict requirements - such things as never divorced or any act that would cause them to be discommunicated from Catholicism (If you don't already know this, it's not a hard thing to do. I'm sure cohabitation before marriage and taking birth control pills is on that list by now). Is this for real? Madison's Godparents were only able to find one person who fit the bill to be a Godparent for their own child. This is 2005, does the Pope realize this?

Okay, I'm done with my religion rant.

I was talking with a friend recently about the South Park episode where Robert Smith of The Cure guest starred - and he asked me if I own their album Disintegration. When I replied that I did not - he stared at me like I'd suddenly grown horns from my head. So I went and picked it up. Why hadn't I before???? "Pictures of You" has to be THE BEST Cure song. I mean it, THE BEST - I had this one song from a greatest hits CD. There are a couple that were never released and/or I'd never heard from this CD, so I'm glad I picked it up! It, kicks ass! :)


Moose said...

Sorry, I'm not the biggest Cure fan, but I did see that episode of South Park. As for religion, I think you have the best idea. Give her a foundation and let her make her own decisions.

An80sNut said...

Disintegration is overall their best album. It's so cohesive and the best track from that album is "Pictures Of You" even though I love the darkness that flits between "Lullaby" and "Fascination Street." But, "Boys Don't Cry" is still my favorite song by them. No idea why either.

A friend of mine talked to me about how hard it was to get their child baptised in a Catholic church about 8 years or so ago. They were even picky about if she had been in attendence at the church for the last several years. I was baptised Catholic. I don't know if it really does anything for me or if I get a cool card someday but it made my great uncles happy (they were both Catholic priests.) Yes, they are making themselves an exclusive club.

Teri said...

I think the church is still keeping the meaning of Godparents as what it was meant to be. Someone to take over the religious schooling of the child incase the parents die. So I can see their viewpoint about it. I on the otherhand see the term Godparents to represent a good friend who will be an active part of my child's life.

Davydgrey said...

Wow. If I want to remain Catholic (I guess I have fallen away also since I haven't gone in over 20 years)I had better go to church and get my membership card stamped again. Think I can sneak into church one day, stay after mass, ask the Priest a really thoughtful religious question and then he will think I go to mass all the time?

Jas... said...

I think God tunes in to South Park often. I'm sure if anyone needs a good laugh, it's him. I'm also pretty sure he would see the Catholic Church as just a little limiting. After all, I'm sure God's not a Catholic.

Fred said...

I might be the only person in America that's never seen South Park. Am I missing something?

LoraLoo said...

Moose: You're alright, even if you don't like The Cure. :)

Martin: Track 12, "Untitled", is really good too. Almost sounds like a continuation of "Pictures of You".

Teri: You make a good point about the church wanting to keep the whole point to Godparents.

dg: There are spies... if you're not there, they're gonna know. It's creepy.

Jas: LOL I'm sure you're right, he needs a good crude comedy chuckle. I still like the portrayal of God in "Dogma". That's what I like to think he/she might really be like.

Fred: If you like rude comedy about current societal issues in cartoon form, you might be missing something. I did like it for the first two seasons, then it got kind of old.

Fred said...

No wonder I've missed it. I get that kind of commentary every day in the classroom.

Davydgrey said...

Lora -- You sure its not hidden video cameras piping the feed to the rectory for face recognition? The Vatican has cash, they can afford the best software.