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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

An iPod and a Rockstar

I finally bought an iPod and it has consumed me for the last couple of days. Why didn't I buy this MUCH earlier? I resisted for a long time, I honestly thought I'd have no use for it. As a music lover, this is the best mobile device imaginable. I had already taken the time to rip most of my CDs onto a hard drive, but I have all those I'd bought in the last year to rip, so I'm catching up on that. I have lots of music I've gotten from other places [no of course I didn't use anything like WinMx...that's illegal! ;) ] so I have to go through all of that and make sure the track tags are correct. So much work, but so much enjoyment! I'm pretty impressed by iTunes as well... it's incredibly user friendly. I just have to find a better way to wear it. I'm climbing under desks a lot (insert joke here) and I lift a lot of equipment - all dangerous to items on my body.

Anyone watching that Rockstar: INXS show? When I saw the previews, my first thought was "This is how they replace Michael Hutchence? This is all he was worth, a reality show?" I stand corrected, it's very tasteful - and although it has an American Idol -like setting, it's very different in many aspects. For example, they got rid of the drama of auditions... they'd already done the work to find the best 15, and most of them are pretty damn talented. The guys in the band are real, and are handling this show with total class. There aren't any judges trying to get more TV time, and nobody is playing the Paula role of the nice one who can't give real criticism. I'm excited to see who goes tonight. The addition of Dave Navarro is great - it draws a younger audience (very clever).


Teri said...

I have been watching it and enjoying it. I think they are doing a great job. I just have to get past the fact that a woman might be the lead singer for them.. It just seems so weird.

An80sNut said...

Thankfully you can see the really bad ones aren't getting the votes. I think the idea of letting them decide from the final 3 will cut the worst of the worst. I can only say thank you to them for getting Will out of there when they did. I don't think I could handle his ("I'm working the women in the front row, right now. Don't bug me.") vibe he performs with. He also doesn't have much volume. Tara is probably next (I don't think you can take the country out of her voice) but I've voted for both Jordis and Ty so far. I also think Brandon is in my top 3. Still thinking that I want to buy the MP3 of J.D.'s "California Dreamin'."

LoraLoo said...

Teri, I am not sure how I'd take a female lead either. Some of them are really talented... I'm still on the fence.

Martin - You hit it right on the head about Wil. His ego was much bigger than his talent.