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Thursday, May 26, 2005

What do you mean Bo isn't the American Idol?

I am so disappointed. I thought Bo had it, hands down. Honestly, the talent between Bo and Carrie was pretty equal. They both have a set of pipes, and both were very likeable personalities. BUT - let's face it, Bo has more charisma. He takes ownership of the stage whenever he sings. Simon was right when he said it seems like Bo has been doing this for years (well, he has!). Also - I can't relate to Carrie being a country singer. Country music gives me nothing but a headache.

For the first time I was actually nervous watching the final moments before the winner was read. Wasn't the finale entertaining this time? At the end of the last three seasons I was dreading watching two hours of finale crap. The spoof they did on the Paula scandal was hilarious - and the big stars singing with the finalists was a great touch. Good job, idol producers.

This season, for the first time, there was a lot of talent and it was a REAL competition. The best thing they could have done was change the age range this season. Whatever they did, this season was the best yet, and I'm looking forward to next season.


An80sNut said...

Actually, I'll give you another thing in Bo's favor: he chose great songs. You can only hear "Wind Beneath My Wings" and "I Will Always Love You" before you start thinking "I've heard that before." Instead you had someone with a chance at a big career taking risks with The Ides Of March's "Vehicle" and Badland's "In A Dream." Gotta love it when someone opens the public's eyes to some great song gems.

Teri said...

I totally agree with you.. Bo should have won, hands down. When the show first started I liked Carrie, but then all she could sing was country music and to me that is not an American Idol. She should have gone on Country Idol or whatever that show was called. I was really dissapointed that she won, (ok I was disgusted that she won). The last show when they both sang the song In Your Heaven, I hated that song when Carrie sang it, I thought what a horrible song, until Bo's version and it didn't sound like the same song at all. I am sure in the end, he will sell more records than she will.

Moose said...

Sorry, I can't get into those shows. Mabye I'll be able to start watching them since they're getting better.

BayouMaMa2 said...

This is a week after the fact (just found your blog) and I'm also disappointed that Carrie won. I do think she's a great singer...that's unquestionable...but I would have loved to see a "rocker" win. What a twist that would have been! All in all, my heart still belongs to Constantine..."sigh."